How to detox your wardrobe

Forgo the usual new year diet and instead focus your energy on building a more creative, wearable wardrobe for a year when socialising is finally back on the cards (we hope).

With all of us stuck inside our own four walls, there’s no better time to clear out our closets than now. But where to start? These are our top tips…


Ask yourself these four questions

You’ll need good organisation, quick decision-making and a strong sense of your own style when it comes to any cull. As you tackle your wardrobe remember to ask yourself: does the piece fit properly? Does it still suit your style? Do you wear it regularly? Is it still in good condition?

And if you’re struggling to part with some long-forgotten pieces, just remind yourself of all the new treasures you now have the space for…


Think seasonally

No matter how much you love a piece, there will always be a time when it’s out of season and sits unloved at the back of your wardrobe. Instead of banishing it to the ‘give away’ pile, try dividing your wardrobe into ‘summer’ and ‘winter’ so you only have current season options to choose from each day.

When spring arrives, have you winter coats dry cleaned and stored in garment bags to protect them until next season. The same goes for the end of summer as you pack away lightweight dresses and swimwear.

Fashion is such a strong way of expressing yourself; nurture what makes you unique.

Guga Filho

Personal shopper


Arrange by category

Once you’ve separated your favourites to keep, group them into categories before putting them away: shirts, skirts and jumpers, for example. That way you can see at a glance which styles and colours you have to choose from. You’re also less likely to buy another version of the same striped shirt because you’d forgotten it existed!

Top tip: opt for slim velvet hangers to create a more streamlined wardrobe. Rolling trousers in drawers, too, will take up less space than piling them high.


Prioritise the upkeep

It’s time to polish those boots and steam those shirts. By treating your wardrobe to a sartorial spa session you’re giving it a longer lifespan. Take this time to clean up those overlooked pieces hiding in the back of the closet, whether that’s repairing items you’ve loved for years or altering barely worn pieces to suit you.

Finally, don’t forget to give your staples a little TLC too: wash your cashmere correctly (hand washing with a gentle detergent is best), polish your leather goods with a good quality wax and give that tarnished silver jewellery a good brush up (a thick paste made from water and cornflour works a treat. Apply it to the silver item, let the mixture dry completely and rub it off with a towel).


Create an inventory

Make getting dressed in the future a dream by compiling outfit combinations as you organise. You’ll be able to see what goes with what – and, importantly, be able to spot what you’re missing.

Top tip: lay out possible outfit options and take a photo. Keep them in an album on your phone for a library of inspiration for those days when you’re not feeling fashionable.


Keep track of your favourites

Now you’ve decluttered your wardrobe and thrown, sold or donated the pieces you no longer wear it’s time to put your decisions to the test. To start, make sure all your hangers are facing the same way. Then, as you wear, wash and replace a piece of clothing in your wardrobe, put it back with the hook facing in the other direction. Give it a month or two and you’ll be able to see which clothes are in your regular rotation, and which still need a little love.