Soho House & Co's farmshop restaurant and cafe serves local British and seasonal food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The menu focuses on rustic British food, from old-fashioned classics to hearty farmhouse fare.

  • 午餐
  • 下午茶
  • 开胃酒
  • 早餐
  • 鸡尾酒
  • 无乳品
  • 晚餐
  • 冰淇淋
  • 田园面包
  • 沙拉
  • 素食
  • 严格素食

farmshop restaurant & café

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Discover delicious dining options and exclusive guest services with our dine packages. Enjoy a three course meal, reserved parking and hands-free shopping for only £40.

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farmshop accepts walk-ins during breakfast, lunch and dinner reservations from 6pm, please email for reservations.

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