Fidenza Village Food Festival

Fidenza Village Food Festival

Discover a new culinary experience at Fidenza Village with dishes from five famous MasterChef Italia talents.

Book your front row seat at the show cooking by writing to The cost of the complete experience is € 25 (the complete package includes the tasting of our food & beverage proposal). The showcooking is free and will also be visible on large screens within the Food Festival space.

Until 23 october

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Saturday 24 september

Tracy Eboigbodin​

Winner of MasterChef Italia 11 - Showcooking at 11.30 a.m.

Tracy Eboigbodin is the winner of the eleventh series of MasterChef Italia. Originally from Nigeria, she currently lives in Verona and began cooking after working for many years as a waitress. After her win, she published her first book, Soul Kitchen – My recipes to nourish the soul. She’s contributed to creating video recipes as a MasterCoach for the MasterChef Academy platform. She actively manages her social channels, interacting with her followers through stories and questions, as well as sharing culinary experiences and insights into her everyday life.

Saturday 1 october

Erica Liverani

Winner of MasterChef Italia 5 - Showcooking at 11.30 a.m

Erica Liverani is the winner of the fifth series of MasterChef Italia. Since she was a child, cooking has always been a constant in her life, a passion that has been given to her by her family. Erica now takes part in show cooking around Italy and, thanks to the viral successes of the videos she makes with her daughter Emma, has achieved great success on social media.

Saturday 8 october

Francesco Aquila

Winner of MasterChef Italia 10 - Showcooking at 11.30 a.m

Francesco Aquila is the winner of the tenth series of MasterChef Italia, where he received public acclaim from the first episode for his talents. After discovering cooking in his early childhood it soon became his greatest passion. For many years, he has worked as a maître’ d in a restaurant as well as teaching mixology and bar skills. His dream is to break into the world of haute cuisine and to open a series of restaurants offering high quality fare. He also shares recipes on social media, through Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

Saturday 15 october

Valeria Raciti & Maurizio Rosazza Prin

VALERIA RACITI - Winner of MasterChef Italia 8

Valeria Raciti won the eighth series of MasterChef Italia. She hails from Catania, Sicily, where she grew up in a large family. Her love of home and the strong sense of family pushes her to ‘stay’ and to find stability in her roots. She‘s currently a freelancer, as well as a personal chef and food influencer and participates in events and cooking shows nationally and globally.

MAURIZIO ROSAZZA PRIN - Finalist of MasterChef Italia 2

Painter and copywriter Maurizio Rosazza Prin was the runner-up in the second series of MasterChef Italia. He’s since created Chissenefood, a blog filled with recipes, ideas and stories that encourages readers to never stop daring and experimenting with food. His life philosophy aims to help people remember the fun side of cooking. Today, he’s an entrepreneur with his start-up Delivery Valley, a ‘reloaded’ kitchen operating in Milan.

Showcooking at 11.30 a.m.

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