Reggio-Emilia Traditional Balsamic Vinegar & Wine Experience

Reggio-Emilia Traditional Balsamic Vinegar and Wine Experience

Discover traditional balsamic vinegar from the heart of Reggio-Emilia and authentic Italian wines on this unique tasting tour. Learn how balsamic vinegar is made and uncover the differences between each cask. Whether it’s ash, oak, chestnut, juniper, cherry nut or mulberry, each wood gives the balsamic vinegar a distinct colour, taste and flavour – and you’ll have the chance to try them all!

Afterwards, enjoy a visit to a local winery that specialises in producing organic Lambrusco, followed by an exclusive tasting session. Try three different types of wine, all paired with local produce to create the perfect aperitif.

Then, complete your day out with a luxury open-air shopping experience at Fidenza Village in the afternoon.

This unique package costs €35 per person, or €130 per person including a return limo transfer from the Village to the winery

To find out more or to book your place, simply email or call +39 342 112 8882