The artworks of the StreetArt Festival

Discover the artwork which has transformed our Village.

Lucamaleonte, 2022

Mucchio di tigri

Mucchio di tigri, or A Heap of Tigers; the largest feline in the world is surrounded by flowers, telling us together how we should be: both strong and delicate.

Visible on the facade of Nike boutique.

Sara Pichelli, 2022

The Rose

Two worlds meet between petals, tentacles and fantastic creatures in powerful tones.

Visible on the facade of Polo Ralph Lauren boutique.

Seth, 2022

Through The Rabbit Hole

Like Alice slipping into the White Rabbit's lair, a whirlwind of colors opens up in Seth's mural, as if to transport the visitor in a world of wonders: Fidenza Village’s world.

Visible from the Events Area of the Village.

Giulio Vesprini, 2022

Flow – Struttura G0059

Giulio Vesprini’s Structure G0059 is formed from long research on the abstract landscape. The piece is a fusion of the shapes and colours found within the Village, cleverly layered to create a series of dynamic overlaps, alluding to the continuous dialogue between nature and architecture and how they generate new visual communications.

Visible on the facade of Jimmy Choo boutique.

Orticanoodles, 2022


Resilience is the story of the adaptability that trees have. They grow up in situations not exactly favorable to their prosperity, yet they succeed. An important metaphor, especially in our time. The work is broken down into vertical strips which, intersecting, compose new, unimaginable designs. This represents the complexity of the people who form society by relating to each other. In the chromatic scale purple predominates, which always represents dramatic situations, but is opposed to green, which instead indicates nature and, symbolically, moving forward and looking to the future. Resilience indicates those who, like plants, are able to adapt to unfavorable and dramatic situations, finding new paths, new solutions, imagining new figures and looking forward to the future.

Visible from outside the Village next to the central entrance.

Lidia Cao, 2022


(Innocent) A mural of denunciation against the mistreatment of animals, where the roles between nature and man are metaphorically reversed.

Visible on the facade of Stella McCartney boutique

Marco Rea, 2022

Piccoli grovigli

A slightly childish woman, drawn using only stencils and spray paint, tells the little big problems of the young people. The geometric figures on the bottom are reminiscent of the games played in the first years of life and represent a bit that skein of problems that sometimes seems impossible to unravel but which instead with commitment we can order and solve.

Visible on the facade of Loro Piana boutique.

Seacreative, 2022


«Characters, gazes, nature and rips that have their own life but are connected each other in a multidimensional intervention»

Visible on the facade of Pinalli boutique.

Pax Paloscia, 2022

Rise Again

This mural speaks of the richness of diversity, not only understood as diversity of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or age, but also as respect for each sensitivity.

Visible on the facade of Jil Sander boutique.

Peeta, 2021

Edge Loops 005

This anamorphic mural is a masterpiece of street art. Try to spot the magic point and reveal the optical illusion.

Visible at the Village east entrance.

This anamorphic mural is a masterpiece of street art. Try to spot the magic point and reveal the optical illusion.

Visible at the Village east entrance.

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