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History, tradition and modern urban flair in perfect harmony. In the Old Town you can see superb sights, such as the Neues Schloss (new castle), the Asam Church with its famous Lepanto Monstrance, the Alte Anatomie and the cathedral. Lovingly restored gabled houses, imposing gateways, lofty towers and impressive fortifications are all part of the Old Town's charm. Restaurants, art and special events inject life into the city and make a shopping spree a true joy. Festivals and markets take place at all times of the year. Your hosts in the hotel and catering business offer you every comfort and a wide range of choice. Culture fans can look forward to a high-quality range of attractions, including unusual museums, concerts, exhibitions and theatre performances. The Audi Forum Ingolstadt with the museum mobile and the exclusive Shopping Destination – Ingolstadt Village – are further attractions worth visiting. You're likely to be surprised by the impressive history and lively present-day look of the youngest city in Bavaria.


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