Thermal Scanning

As part of our new Shopping Protocols, we are scanning all visitors and staff. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

All persons entering Ingolstadt Village are required to have their temperatures scanned. You may decline a temperature scan by not entering the Village.

We use thermal imaging cameras to remotely scan you as you walk past the camera.

Where we see a temperature above 38°C, we will ask you to wait in our cooling zone for re-scanning using a handheld scanner.

Thermal scanning is conducted in specially demarcated scanning zones, with social distances measures observed at all times.

Unfortunately, any person displaying a temperature above 38°C will not be permitted to enter the Village.
Thermal scanning is non-invasive and the scanner does not emit any energy. The scanning procedure is safe for use by all persons, including babies and children, pregnant women and people fitted with a pacemaker.

If you require due to religious reasons respectively due to your conviction to be accompanied during re-scanning in the cooling zone, we will happily accommodate to this upon your request.
Only live data is processed. Temperatures or any other personal data in this context are not recorded. For details of how we process your data, please click here.

Due to thermal scanning procedures, it may take you a little longer than normal to enter the Village. Thank you in advance for your patience.