The Bicester Collection™ Membership t- acceptable use policy
  1. This is the Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP”) of The Bicester Collection Membership Programme. This AUP forms part of the Membership Programme’s terms and conditions (“Terms”) which can be seen here. Definitions used in the Terms have the same meanings in this AUP.


  1. Failure to comply with this AUP is a breach of the Terms and has the consequences set out in the Terms.


  1. The Membership Programme may not be used for non-consumer purchases.

  2. For the purposes of this AUP, a Member acts as a consumer when making a purchase for him or herself or a third party (for example a birthday present for a friend, a gift for a colleague or a purchase made as a personal shopper for a client) where there is no intention for the purchase to be resold.

Collecting Stars

  1. If the Member is purchasing for a third party, the Member must inform the third party that the Member is receiving benefits from Membership.

  2. Stars must not be collected and retained for purchases made in error or cancelled or returned purchases.

  3. No Member may collect Stars relating to purchases made by other Guests (including where another Guest has not collected Stars for a purchase).

Monitoring Use

  1. In accordance with our Privacy Notice, which can be seen here, to manage and improve the Membership Programme, Membership accounts may be monitored for unusual activity, including multiple or repeat purchases, fraudulent or stolen credentials or payment methods, cancelled purchases or high value purchases.

Prohibited uses

  1. Prohibited uses of Membership include:

a. any kind of fraudulent use; b. any other unlawful use (e.g. in breach of statute, contractual obligations, duty of care etc.); c. use designed to damage or disrupt the Membership Programme or its systems; d. use which is intended or has the potential to cause damage to the Bicester Collection, its image, brand or any of its associated companies; e. abusive use which disadvantages other Members; Bulk Applications or Co-ordinated Applications

  1. Bulk Membership applications, automated Membership applications (e.g. with bots), or Membership applications with data which is false, misleading, stolen, or which appears on compromised accounts lists are forbidden.

  2. We may impose volume limits where automated systems are making Membership applications or otherwise targeting our systems and these limits may result in innocent applications being incorrectly refused.

  3. We may impose volume limits or bans on any party or parties whose object or effect appears to be penetration testing, reverse engineering or to breach the Terms or this AUP.

  4. It is prohibited for multiple entities to act together to gain any benefit, or to carry out any activity prohibited by the AUP or which would be prohibited by the AUP or our attempts to enforce it if carried out by a single entity.