Unlock Her Future Prize 2024

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이번 추석은 시원하게 탁 트인 야외 빌리지에서 즐겨 보세요. 빌리지 가격에서 최대 20% 할인 혜택*을 누리실 수 있습니다. 차량으로도 편하게 방문 가능하지만, 기차로 더 쉽고 편하게 오실 수 있습니다.런던 교외에 자리한 비스터 빌리지(Bicester Village)에서 150여 개 럭셔리 패션 및 라이프스타일 부티크와 다이닝 레스토랑을 만나보세요.

Empowering women, empowering ideas, empowering innovation – across the globe

The Unlock Her Future Prize is an annual initiative by DO GOOD with The Bicester Collection to identify and empower women social entrepreneurs in founding a start-up that will accelerate positive progress towards achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, creating positive social, environmental and economic impact across their communities and beyond.

Unlock Her Future Prize Mission

To find aspiring women entrepreneurs and help them launch their social impact start-ups.

The 2024 LATAM Edition

In its second year the Unlock Her Future Prize welcomes applications from women in LATAM, irrespective of age, with an inspiring, early-stage (under three years in operation) start-up idea that generates a positive and sustainable impact on society.

Three winners will each receive a grant of up to $100,000 to launch and develop their start-up, an education programme with Tecnológico de Monterrey, bespoke leadership coaching to achieve their personal and professional goals, access to global expert mentors and visibility through global exposure.

The call for applications for the Unlock Her Future Prize 2024 LATAM Edition is now closed

Finalists will be notified by April.
The winners will be announced in June 2024, at a ceremony in Madrid, Spain.
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The Prize

A panel of judges made up of successful and prominent women from the region will select three winners. To launch their start-up, winners will receive the following support:

Unlock Financial Capital

up to $100,000 to launch and develop your start-up

Unlock University Support

to further your knowledge and tap into academic resources

Unlock Mentorship & Guidance

with global experts to develop human capital skills, increase productivity and to flourish

Unlock Visibility & Access to Partners

to build relationships with and grow your enterprise, through global exposure

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“Women's empowerment is not just about women; it is about transforming societies.”

Michelle Bachelet, Former President of Chile and United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights


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