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Women for Women International: It takes a Village to make a difference

Women for Women International and La Roca Village have come together to help women survivors of war rebuild their lives, proving that change is possible.

“I used to work for others but today I have my own business which helps me to support my family.” This quote is from Cizungo, a participant in Women for Women International’s programme in Democratic Republic of Congo and represents just one of many stories depicting the strength, courage, and resilience of women.

As an advocate of female empowerment, Women for Women International helps women survivors in war-torn areas to rebuild their lives. The women are enrolled on a year-long programme in which they gain the skills and resources required to become successful entrepreneurs, while harnessing the spirit of sisterhood.

La Roca Village’s collaboration with this powerful organisation comes as part of The Bicester Collection’s Do Good programme, in which it proudly partners with a network of charitable organisations, all unified by the shared mission to empower women and children – proving that when you raise a woman, you raise a nation.

Over the past year, La Roca Village has collaborated with Women for Women International on a number initiatives, such as solidarity sales, and will continue to do so in the future, because we believe in the power of women.

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    “It was then that I knew I was not alone in my suffering. There are other women who have the same pain and the same difficulties."

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    Discover the power of sisterhood by helping a woman to escape poverty and rebuild her life.


Women for Women Reg Number: 1115109