Terms and conditions of the Hands Free Shopping Service:

The purpose of these terms and conditions is to regulate your relationship with Value Retail Management Spain S.L.U. (“Value Retail”), a Spanish trading company with registered office at La Roca Village s/n, 08430, Santa Agnès de Malanyanes (La Roca del Vallès), Barcelona in relation to the Hands Free Shopping (HFS) Service. Please make sure you have read and understand them:

  1. You may contract the HFS Service at the Concierge Services area of Las Rozas Village. This service lets you enjoy a carefree day’s shopping as all your bags can be collected at a single location at the end of your visit to Las Rozas Village. This service has a fixed price of fifteen (15) euros. If there is any change in this price, you will be notified of it by staff of Concierge Services before contracting the service. In order to contract the service, you will have to provide certain personal data, which will be processed in accordance with the provisions set out below.
  2. Once the HFS Service has been contracted, you will receive your personalized HFS Service QR code at the e-mail address you have indicated or on a printed document. This QR code will be generated solely and exclusively for you and may be used immediately after you have been provided with it.
  3. Every time you make a purchase at any of the boutiques that offer the HFS Service, you should present your personalized QR code to the boutique assistant.
  4. The boutique assistant will place your shopping purchases in a security shopping bag. Please check that all of your purchases have been sealed in a security shopping bag by the boutique assistant. Concierge Services staff will be automatically informed that your shopping is ready and will proceed to collect it as soon as possible at the boutique.
  5. When you have finished all your shopping at Las Rozas Village and thirty (30) minutes before you wish to leave the Village, we recommend that you call Concierge Services Las Rozas Village at +34 900 104 428 so that we can ensure all your shopping will be ready for you to collect at Concierge Services.
  6. Remember that in order to collect your purchases you will have to present your personalized QR code to Concierge Services staff, who will hand over your shopping to you so that you can verify that all the bags are still sealed and in good condition.

The HFS Service can be contracted at any time during opening hours of La Rozas Village. In order to provide you with a pleasant experience, we will make every effort so that you can collect your shopping within thirty (30) minutes after you contact us for that purpose and inform us of the time you expect to leave. However, collection times are not guaranteed as they do not depend exclusively on us, and we do not accept liability if, despite our efforts, there are delays in collecting your shopping.

We inform you that there may be some boutiques in Las Rozas Village that do not offer the HFS Service. In particular, the following products are excluded from the HFS Service: food, beverages, jewellery and watches. If you would like to check the list of boutiques that participate in the HFS Service, please contact staff at Concierge Services in Las Rozas Village. We remind you that, for the purposes of the HFS Service, boutiques in Las Rozas Village will only accept items purchased in their establishment and will not accept purchases made in other boutiques. If, after making a purchase in a boutique in La Rozas Village, you wish to activate the HFS Service, you can (a) inform the boutique assistant so that a member of Concierge Services staff can come to the boutique and assist in the HFS Service contracting process or (b) go to La Rozas Village Concierge Services to contract it and leave your shopping there. Items not purchased at a Las Rozas Village boutique are excluded.

If you have any problem or any query in relation to how the HFS Service works, you can ask our Concierge Services staff or call us at + 34 900 104 428

Each boutique will be responsible for your shopping while it is at their establishment and until it is collected by Concierge Services staff. Value Retail will only be liable for the loss of or damage to your purchases when the loss or damage is directly attributable to our actions and/or omissions. Any loss or damage must be reported as soon as possible and in person to Las Rozas Village Concierge Services. We will not accept any liability for losses or damages caused that have not been reported before you leave the premises of Las Rozas Village on the day you have used the HFS Service. We inform you that all purchases that have not been collected in the term of one (1) month will be disposed of.

Personal data processing: You guarantee the veracity and accuracy of the data provided while booking the HFS Service. Your personal data (identification, contact and transaction – boutique, date, time and value, without detailing the product) will be processed by Value Retail Management Spain, S.L.U. for the purpose of providing the HFS Service and complying with our contractual obligations. We may also send you non-commercial communications using the means of contact provided by you for the purpose of confirming the booking and to inform you of any relevant aspect thereof. For further information on how we process your data, or how you can exercise your data protection rights, please consult the Las Rozas Village Privacy Policy or contact us by e-mail at contactus@lasrozasvillage.com.

Additionally, if you tick the box for receiving information and an invitation to the Las Rozas Village Membership programme, we may use your contact data to send such information, including by electronic means.

These terms and conditions are governed by Spanish legislation and any conflict or discrepancy in the interpretation or application thereof will be submitted to the Courts established by the applicable legislation on jurisdiction.