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Pretty Ballerinas 是一个芭蕾舞鞋和平底鞋品牌,自1918年以来,始终在地中海岛屿梅诺卡岛的一个小镇上由同一个家族经营。如今,这个国际品牌已在28个国家/地区拥有77家商店。

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Rosario Sandals Pretty Ballerinas


149 €

Village price

99,34 €

Pretty Ballerinas

Sandal Rosario
Loafer anial print Pretty Ballerinas


229 €

Village price

152,67 €

Pretty Ballerinas

Loafer animal print
Loafer Ella con punta fina Pretty Ballerinas


159 €

Village price

106,10 €

Pretty Ballerinas

Loafer Ella con punta fina

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