Jenna Peij’s guide to investment pieces

We invited model Jenna Peij to the Village to curate a series of autumn looks that will stand the test of time. Here, she shares why quality is the key to finding your perfect piece and her top tips for securing your own.

Having worked in the fashion industry since she was eight years old, the now 23-year-old Antwerp-based model has a firm stance on what makes a good investment piece. She believes your chosen item shouldn’t just be worn year after year, but throughout every season too. The key to this, according to Jenna, is in the quality.

It’s all in the name. You pay more for higher quality pieces, but the wear you’ll get out of them makes them well worth the investment.

Jenna Peij


Prepared to brighten up her wardrobe after a disappointing summer, Jenna came to the Village in search of timeless pieces for autumn which “never go out of style”. A Prada wallet was the first piece to catch her eye, closely followed by various pairs of sunglasses and a pair of boots from Bally. It was however KARL LAGERFELD’s leather biker jacket that she named her ultimate investment piece.

Made from supple lambskin leather, this straight-fit jacket is easily identifiable by its zip detailing on the pockets, sleeves and placket. Lined with the brand’s statement KARL logo lining, this piece is equal parts sophisticated and fun. As far as Jenna’s concerned, it’s a must-have in every wardrobe, “It’s perfect for everything – from a day of shopping to an evening out.”

When it comes to curating your own collection of investment items, she suggests starting with a pair of sunglasses: “I find sunglasses add the finishing touch to a look. I rarely leave the house without mine.” Next on her list is: an oversized white shirt, a pair of Levi’s denim jeans, an oversized black blazer, a long coat and a pair of black boots – preferably from brands that prioritise quality.

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