Tiany Kiriloff’s guide to investment pieces

We invited avid fashion follower and influencer Tiany Kiriloff to Maasmechelen Village to curate a series of autumn looks that will stand the test of time. Here, she discusses the best investment piece she sourced and her top tips for finding your own.

The Belgium-based influencer, avid fashion follower and mother of three stands firmly in the belief that shoppers should focus on investing in pieces they truly love, rather than just following the latest trends.

We need to move away from the concepts of ‘on trend’ and ‘in season’. Maasmechelen Village is home to so many lovely pieces that aren’t necessarily fresh off the catwalk.

Tiany Kiriloff

Fashion follower and influencer

The search for a new investment piece is what brings Tiany to the Village. “I know exactly what I’m looking for, and I know I’ll get it for a good price here.” She suggests heading to Salvatore Ferragamo and Bally for timeless outerwear, and picking up a classic pair of jeans too. It is however the Studio Bag from Salvatore Ferragamo that she deems the ultimate investment piece.

Emblem of style and elegance, the ultra-versatile Studio Bag of Salvatore Ferragamo is destined for long lasting success. Made of smooth Italian calf leather, its minimal lines and innate elegance reveal a contemporary and elegant aesthetic.

According to Tiany, an investment piece should be three things “timeless, pan-generational and multi-purpose” to ensure you get your wear out of them. She also highlights that we as consumers have much more influence than we think… “Designers are inspired by art, culture and street style so, in that respect, we’re the real influencers.”

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