Safia Didi's one-of-a-kind creations

Designer and creator Safia Didi, shares the inspiration behind her unique macramé designs and knitted garments which dress our beautiful Village displays this summer.

As the spring sun casts its warm, inviting glow upon our Villages, vibrant pops of peachy hues grace our windows, courtesy of Safia Didi – the visionary creator behind our captivating new macramé displays. This year, as part of our conscious effort to move towards a more sustainable future, we’re reimagining how we dress our Villages. That's why, we're delighted to spotlight emerging talents like Safia. Not only do her creations invite joyful pops of colour into our window displays, but they also align perfectly with our commitment to creating greener Villages.

At the heart of these installations lies the creative force behind DropDeadDidi, a one-woman crochet and knitwear brand known for crafting unique and vibrant pieces. Safia's childhood fascination with patterns and colours paved the way for her passion and skill in crochet, now beautifully showcased in our Villages. Each of her distinct crochet creations serves as a backdrop for future wardrobe treasures, enhancing the beauty of beloved brands without overshadowing them. Safia's meticulous creative process ensures that no two pieces are alike, transforming ordinary yarn into compelling, one-of-a-kind works of art. These pieces take on the form of macramé covers, draping plinths and hanging like curtains to create warm, inviting backdrops.

Safia's latest designs draw inspiration from this year’s signature hue, peach fuzz, which evokes the gentle tones of a sunset. This shade possesses an elegant and timeless quality while maintaining a youthful essence. It embodies an all-embracing spirit that enriches mind, body and soul. With its cheerful disposition, it transcends the seasons, serving a pop of positivity.

Beyond design, the creation process itself tells a sustainable story. “I’m definitely inspired by the resourceful, sustainable nature of my Moroccan family,” says Safia. Their approach to creation encompasses everything from carpets and baskets to pottery, all made using locally sourced material, significantly reducing the carbon footprint. She further explains, “another source of inspiration, in terms of sustainability, is my mum. Her home is full of bits and pieces that she found and foraged. She manages to make art out of found objects and finds beauty in what already exists around her.” This ethos profoundly influences Safia’s approach to her own work, favouring slower, more deliberate creative processes. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted, reflecting her commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail.

She manages to find beauty in what exists around her.

Safia Didi

Designer and creator

Safia emphasises that sustainability is inherent to small businesses with limited budgets, where resourcefulness becomes a necessity. Thus, she often uses materials that have been given to her and incorporates existing yarns into her projects. "There’s so much we can learn from communities that prioritise resourcefulness over a wasteful, throwaway culture," Safia asserts. Through her recycled macramé pieces, our windows are refreshed without creating a negative environmental impact.

We can learn so much from communities that do not have a wasteful, throwaway culture.

Safia Didi

Designer and creator

As you explore Safia's breathtaking creations in our Villages this spring/summer, let her work inspire you to embrace sustainability in your own life. Discover the beauty of repurposed materials and the art of slow fashion, and join us in our commitment to a more sustainable future.

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Experience Safia Didi’s beautiful macramé installations when you visit our Villages this summer.


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