Plant-based delights at Wild & The Moon

Ahead of their latest opening, we caught up with Emma Sawko, founder of Wild & The Moon. Serving delicious plant-based dishes and drinks – loaded with fresh, Parisian-made produce – this sustainable spot is a must for eco-conscious foodies

Amongst the bustling streets of Paris, where style, culture and innovation converge, a pioneering plant-based empire is transforming the realm of sustainable living. At its core is the idea “that food can be good for you and the planet and still taste delicious,” explains Emma Sawko, founder of Wild & The Moon, La Vallée Village’s newly opened eatery.

This, however, Emma describes, was a novel concept when the brand first launched in 2016. “In Paris, there was the idea that [with plant-based eating] you’re always starving, there's no taste, you’re not going to have enough to eat. We knew we had to come up with something that was sexy, that was colourful…the idea of pleasure while eating was really important.”

So, within their Parisian lab (where food is still made fresh daily) Emma and her team meticulously conjured a delicious-tasting menu – which would quickly garner international recognition. Now, just seven years on, cafés span across Paris, Amsterdam, Dubai and Doha, with the latest at La Vallée Village being their seventeenth opening.

Beyond the façade of great-tasting food, Wild & The Moon was born from a commitment to sustainability, health and transparency. Everything sourced on the menu is organic, locally sourced (where possible) and seasonal, resulting in “a change in the menu every three months,” with endless new options to try.

Along with this, Emma says: “we try to reuse everything that enters the kitchen. For example, when we press fruit and vegetables to make cold-pressed juices, we get pulp. What do we do with it? You know it's organic. It's fibrous. It’s a waste to throw. So, we reuse it and transform it into crackers – the crackers that you find in our shops.”

There’s also a commitment to waste reduction; “since we do a lot of takeaways, plastic waste was something that was also a problem.” Now sourcing compostable packaging, “you can plant it in the soil, and it will biodegrade, with no toxicity or microplastics in the soil or in the [recycled] bottles you might drink out of later.”

We wanted to come up with something that was really beneficial for your own health, but also for the environment.

Emma Sawko


In line with their feel-good nutrition and eco drivers, Wild & The Moon aims to create an atmosphere which is equally transformative, which Emma describes as something akin to a “cool concept store in LA.” Not just a place to refuel, but recharge too; “a lot of people, when they come to one of the cafés, feel like staying because it's very calm. There’s a lot of plants – it’s close to nature.”

Bringing that same energy to their new opening in the Village, guests can enjoy some of Wild & The Moon’s most popular dishes amid a light, airy atmosphere. “You’ll see there’s everything from juices, smoothies and nut milks to pastries, salads and hot dishes.” This includes the flagship plate, The Jack’s Bowl; made with rice, plant-based meat and loaded with nutritious veggies, as well as their stand-out sweet treats; “the gluten-free cookies and blueberry scones” to name a few.

For those who like to personalise their dishes around their health and needs, there’s even the option to add extra superfoods. Emma says: “It’s always fun to help people make things to their taste and needs. So, whatever you want, we’ll do our best to create it for you.”

When people dine with us, sometimes they don't even notice the food is plant-based.

Emma Sawko


If you can’t wait until your next visit to try Wild & The Moon, you can recreate one of the famed superfood smoothies at home. “It’s just a matter of making your own nut milk and then you play around with whatever ingredients you like,” Emma explains. “My kids love to do that. It's super easy but fun for them as well.”

And when it comes to making your own nut milk, Emma assures that “it’s very easy” to do. “You just need to soak your almonds – or whichever nut – overnight. Then, in the morning, blend and remove the pulp from the milk of the nuts.” To help you perfect yours, “we have a book of recipes that are ready-to-go,” which you can purchase when you visit.

You’ll find the latest Wild & The Moon opening at La Vallée Village. View the menu online ahead of your next visit.

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