Parma Cathedral for Fidenza Village
Parma Cathedral for Fidenza Village

Local attraction

Parma Cathedral

Parma cathedral and its adjoining octagonal baptistery, sculpted in pink marble, dominate Piazza Duomo.

By Fidenza Village

4 August 2019

Dedicated to the Assumption, the cathedral is one of the most representative examples of Romanesque architecture in Europe and its baptistery, designed by Benedetto Antelami, is one of Italy’s most important architectural gems.

Construction of the cathedral began around 1059 and it was later consecrated in 1106. An awe-inspiring fresco of the Assumption of the Virgin by Italian Renaissance painter Antonio da Correggio decorates the cathedral’s dome. Completed in 1530, the masterpiece depicts the virgin surrounded by apostles, ephebes and angels holding musical instruments, and patron saints of the city.


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