The Curragh

The Irish passion for horse racing is legendary and experiencing it at The Curragh is unforgettable.

The Curragh, located in County Kildare, has hosted chariot races from as early as the third century. The racecourse itself has existed at The Curragh for over 200 years, with the first recorded race meeting dating back to 1727.

The vast open grassy plain of The Curragh is at the very centre of Ireland's thoroughbred horse industry. In addition to regular race days, the racecourse hosts all five Irish flat-racing Classics, including the oldest, The Irish Derby, originating in 1866.

The outlook from The Curragh benefits from one of the most spectacular backdrops in world horse racing - expansive views across the gentle rolling grassland plains in an area of historical, ecological and architectural importance. Even on non-race days as you pass the 5,000 acres in the morning, you are likely to spot long lines of thoroughbreds training thundering hooves, glistening coats, steaming breath in frosty air over the miles of flat, rich plains being put through their paces by trainers and jockeys - the very same horses that win prestigious races around the globe.

The Curragh racecourse occupies a spectacular location in both an ecologically and archaeologically significant area at the heart of Kildare. The Curragh is recorded as a monument under the National Monuments Act and is a Special Environment location, and a proposed Natural Heritage Area. Within the grassy plain of The Curragh, there are almost 200 archaeological monuments and numerous features of cultural heritage.

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