Random Act of Kindness Donut voucher (the “Voucher”) Terms and Conditions of Use

  1. The Voucher is issued by Value Retail Management Ireland (VRMI) of Unit 1B, Kildare Village, Nurney Road, Kildare Town, Co. Kildare.

  2. The Voucher can only be used to purchase 1 (one) Donut at The Rolling Donut Kiosk.

  3. The right to use this Voucher is personal to the original recipient and may not be transferred. The Voucher may not be reproduced or distributed.

  4. The Voucher may not be used in conjunction with any other special offer , coupon, discount or voucher.

  5. The Voucher must be used by the 31 December 2020.

  6. The Voucher cannot be exchanged for cash.

  7. The Voucher is, and will remain the property of VRMI at all times.

  8. Only one (1) Voucher will be valid per recipient.

  9. VRMI reserves the right to cancel or withdraw the Voucher for any reason at any time.

  10. VRMI shall not be liable to the recipient for any financial loss arising out of the refusal, cancellation, or withdrawal of the Voucher or any failure or inability of a recipient to use the Voucher for any reason.

  11. It is the responsibility of the recipient to familiarise themselves with any allergens in the product that may adversely affect them.

  12. VRMI makes no warranties regarding the goods (including, without limitation, the quality thereof) or the price of the goods that the recipient may obtain with the Voucher.

  13. Your use of the Voucher includes your agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions of use.

  14. You acknowledge that you shall have no right, and waive your ability to make any claim against VRMI in the event that The Rolling Donut at Kildare Village fails to honour the Voucher in whole or in part, and your only remedy in such a situation is the making of a claim for redress to The Rolling Donut at Kildare Village.

Conditions of Redemption by VRMI to the Retailer

VRMI will only reimburse the retailer the actual value of the goods purchased by the Voucher recipient, subject to the maximum value stipulated of the Voucher, provided.