Terms and Conditions of The Kildare Village spend a minimum of €300 and receive a Gift Card to the value of 10% of purchases Promotion for Bank of Ireland Premier and Private Banking Customers

This Kildare Village "spend a minimum of €300 (three hundred euro) and receive a Kildare Village Gift Card to the value of 10% of transactions promotion" the "Promotion") is operated by Value Retail Management Ireland Limited (registered number 402410) trading as Kildare Village (the "Promoter") whose registered office is at Unit 1b, Kildare Village, Nurney Road, Kildare town, County Kildare.

#####The Promotion:

  1. This Promotion is available only to those guests who are over 18 (eighteen) years of age, who visit boutiques (including restaurants) in Kildare Village ("Boutiques") and spend a minimum of €300 (three hundred euro) in a single day and who are Bank of Ireland Premier or Private customers (the "Participants"). The Promotion is available to Participants for the period commencing on 7 July 2021 up to 31 August 2021 inclusive, only (the "Promotion Period").

  2. In order to be eligible to receive a Kildare Village Gift Card to the value of 10% of purchases (the "Gift Card") Participants must:

i. Spend a minimum of €300 (three hundred euro) on goods purchased in Boutiques on a single visit to Kildare Village during the Promotion Period (an "Eligible Transaction"); and

ii. Present a valid receipt of the Eligible Transactions to the Kildare Village Tourist Information Centre (the "TIC") on the same day as the Eligible Transactions.

  1. The maximum daily Gift Card value that can be claimed by a Participant is €500 (five hundred euro) (i.e. the maximum daily allowable eligible purchases for the Promotion is €5,000 only)

  2. The maximum total Gift Card value that can be claimed by a Participant over the duration of the Promotion Period is €1,000 (one thousand euro) (i.e. the maximum allowable eligible purchases for the Promotion Period is €10,000 only)

  3. The Gift Card is subject to availability. In the unlikely event that the Gift Cards become unavailable for any reason, the Promoter shall endeavour to fulfil the offer to any Participants affected as soon as the Gift Cards become available again

  4. For the avoidance of doubt, the Gift Card can only be redeemed at the TIC in conjunction with the presentation of a valid receipt for Eligible Transactions worth a minimum of €300 (three hundred euro) made in Boutiques on the same day and during the Promotion Period only.

  5. The Gift Card is not transferable to any third party, and cannot be exchanged for cash. The Gift Card is subject to its own terms and conditions.

  6. This Promotion can be availed of in conjunction with other promotions and or offers in Kildare Village.

  7. The Promoter reserves the right to cancel, suspend and/or modify the Promotion, the Gift Card, or any part of it, and/or review and amend these and associated terms and conditions at any time without giving prior notice.

  8. Participants acknowledge and agree that: (i) the Promoter, its related companies and the owners of Kildare Village are not responsible for the prices at which the Boutique at Kildare Village advertises or sells goods from time to time; (ii) there is no contractual relationship between the Promoter and the Participants in relation to the Promotion or otherwise; (iii) the Promoter, makes no warranties regarding the products (including without limitation the quality thereof) which Participants may obtain from the Boutiques at Kildare Village; (iv) Participants shall have no right, and waive their ability to make any claim against the Promoter howsoever arising; and (v) nothing in these terms and conditions shall exclude or limit the Promoter's liability for death or personal injury from its negligence or that of its employees or officers.

  9. The Promoter will not be liable to Participants for any financial loss arising out of refusal, cancellation or withdrawal of the Promotion, or any failure or inability of the Participants to take advantage of this Promotion.

  10. Participation constitutes full and unconditional agreement to these terms and conditions.