Kildare Village Car Park Pre-booking Terms and Conditions

  1. We are Value Retail Management Ireland Ltd (“us”, “we”) registered at Kildare Village (the “Village”).

  2. To assist with guest experience, we have introduced an optional pre-booking parking service for entry to the Village at a specified date and time. Please click here to pre-book your parking. The following are the steps involved if you wish to pre-book your visit and are travelling by car:

Step 1: Select the date you want to book. Step 2: Click ‘book here’ and choose an available time slot. Step 3: Enter your first name, second name and email address. Agree to terms and conditions and click ‘Book here’. Step 4: Once you confirm your contact information, you will receive a confirmation email from Blackthorn.

  1. You can give this ticket without charge to a member of your close family or to a close friend. However, this ticket cannot be sold, loaned or otherwise treated in any commercial way. Any ticket that has been transferred, loaned or shared in a commercial way is void.

  2. We reserve our usual rights to decline entry to the Village or to ask any guest to leave the Village if they are behaving in an anti-social way, are inebriated, or for any other reason.

  3. This ticketing system is operated by a third party, BlackThorn, whose terms and conditions and privacy policy are available lower down this sign-in page. Our privacy policy is available here.

  4. We may decide to suspend or cancel the ticketing system at certain times or dates, at our sole discretion and where circumstances dictate.

  5. This virtual ticket has no monetary value.

  6. This ticket is provided without charge and accordingly we shall, to the extent that the law allows liability to be limited or excluded, not be liable for any loss or damage, whether direct or indirect, arising from or connected with the ticket, the acceptance or non-acceptance of the ticket, the operation or non-operation of the ticketing system. This foregoing exclusion of liability does not relate to any liability we would have had to you if the ticketing system was not in place.

  7. You must not obtain or seek to obtain tickets unless you have a genuine intention to visit the Village at the relevant time and day in person; we may decline entry or block issuance of tickets if we have reason to believe that the ticketing system is being used in a way that has the object or effect of restricting tickets available to guests with a genuine intention to visit the Village.

  8. Please note disability parking is available for those who hold a valid disabled parking permit only. We reserve our right to check the validity of any disabled parking permit on arrival. If you need a disabled parking space, please tick the relevant box on the booking form.

  9. Please note this is not applicable to staff working for Value Retail Management Limited or its affiliates who are scheduled to work at the time parking is being requested for or for boutique staff scheduled to work at the time parking is being requested for.

  10. The BlackThorn Privacy Policy can be found here and their security details can be found here.