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هنا في Bicester Village (بيستر فيلاج)، نحن متحمسون لنقدم لضيوفنا خدمة ذات جودة استثنائية وتجارب ممتعة وذكريات لا تُنسى.

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La Roca Village offers you a luxurious experience where hospitality is the main feature. To achieve this, we look for people with great skills who can meet the needs of customers in their best way.

Here at La Roca Village, we are always looking for dynamic and talented people, who have a mind focused on the international world, who share the same passion as us for fashion, who aspire to reach the best of the best. By providing a stimulating environment and supporting the entire team, we offer employees the opportunity to develop their skills and be part of our diverse team.

In each of the retail and hospitality positions in La Roca Village, you will become the ambassador of both the brand you work for and the Village itself. Every day you will be creating unique and memorable experiences that will captivate and delight our customers.

It's you? Here you have the opportunity to love what you do and do what you love in a career with a world full of opportunities.

If you would like additional information do not hesitate to contact the La Roca Village team at

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تحظى The Bicester Collection (مجموعة قرى بيستر فيلاج للتسوق) بمجموعة رائعة من أصحاب المواهب ورحلة في مهد انطلاقها والمرونة اللازمة للتقدم بكل رشاقة في السباق العالمي لتطوير الأداء بما يتناسب مع احتياجات السوق.

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