Gala Dalí: the Mediterranean dream

La Roca Village and Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation come together on a joint and unique project to unveil Gala’s identity. Discover an enigmatic myth, through her fashion collection and through the lens of contemporary creators.

Muse, wife and collaborator; first of Paul Éluard, then of Salvador Dalí. In the story, Gala always appears in the shadows. The invisible eminence behind the genius. Now that 130 years have passed since her birth, La Roca Village and Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation come together to shed new light on Gala’s identity by way of a novel discourse stitched together through fashion that goes beyond stereotypes. A shared story on art, creativity and fashion, but also female empowerment, freedom and individuality. This initiative will explore Gala’s impact on fashion, culture and society.

A dreamlike dialogue bridging past and present will take place simultaneously at both destinations. This discovery journey starts at Púbol Castle, with the exhibition ‘The Awakening of the Myth: Gala Dalí’ – showcasing key pieces of her fashion collection – and takes us through the “Dalinian triangle” to La Roca Village, where contemporary artists like photographer Jordi Bernadó and illustrator Carla Fuentes reimagine the muse’s legacy.

  • ‘The Awakening of the Myth: Gala Dalí’

    More than just a muse, discover the identity of a unique woman whose legacy keeps inspiring today.

    The Awakening of the Myth
  • Inside Gala’s archive: spring/summer collection

    Explore the first chapter of the exhibition ‘The Awakening of the Myth: Gala Dalí’, at Púbol Castle.

    Spring-summer collection
  • ‘The visible trace of Gala Dalí’, by Jordi Bernadó

    Photographer Jordi Bernadó takes us inside Púbol Castle, in the footsteps of Gala’s fashion collection.

    Gala Dalí by Jordi Bernadó

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