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Claudie Pierlot은 세심한 마무리부터 우아한 소재 선택에 대한 뛰어난 센스로 강력한 스타일를 통해 파리 여성에 대한 비전을 표현했습니다.

Claudie Pierlot | Embrace Sustainability with Claudie Cares Initiative

Explore Claudie Pierlot's commitment to sustainability through Claudie Cares - an initiative dedicated to shaping a greener future in fashion. Uncover the transparent practices and embrace conscious choices for a more sustainable wardrobe.

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275 €

Village Price

165 €

Claudie Pierlot

Ecru playsuit


255 €

Village Price

153 €

Claudie Pierlot

Blue denim CP monogram sandals


225 €

Village Price

135 €

Claudie Pierlot

Blue striped shirt



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