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Tax-free shopping

Living outside the EU?

Shop tax free and save at least 12% more on your favourite brands when spending more than 100€. Guests from the UK (excluding NI) can now also take advantage of tax-free shopping, saving even more at La Vallée Village. It's easy. Just follow these simple steps.

How does it work?

  1. Ask in the boutiques

    Ask for a tax refund form when you make a purchase of more than €100. This must be signed by both yourself and the boutique assistant.

  2. At the airport

    Before checking in, take your completed tax refund forms, receipts, passport and purchases to the customs office or a PABLO kiosk at your point of departure from the EU, where your form will be validated.

  3. Receive your refund

    Present the validated documents and your passport at the airport’s reimbursement desk for your refund. Alternatively send your documents to Global Blue or Planet by post.

For more information, visit and

Make the process even quicker

Register for a Global Blue Card and with just a swipe all your tax refund forms will be automatically completed, saving you time and money!

Or use the app…

Do away with paperwork when you use Wevat, a digital tax-refund app that makes claiming even easier. Simply take a photograph of your invoices, generate your barcode and scan it when you leave France. Learn more.