La Vallée Vilage Hands-Free Shopping Service

Terms & Conditions

  1. The Hands-Free Shopping service is a service that enables you to do your shopping in complete serenity. No need to carry your packages, our team will retrieve your shopping bags in boutique, will keep them in a secure and dedicated area and will deliver them back to you at the time of your choice in one of our Welcome Areas (Welcome Centre, Bus Drop Off Area, VIP room: The Apartment).

The Hands Free Shopping service costs €20 as of 1st March 2024 and is available during La Vallée Village opening hours (hereinafter “the HFS Service”).

The HFS Service is offered to all VIP guests level 3 guests and only 3 times for level 2 guests subject to availability when visiting

The HFS service is offered once to non-member guests who have become member subject to availability when visiting.

You can register in one of our Welcome Areas or directly in boutique (where a member of our team will come to complete your registration).

Please note registration to the service must be done at least an hour before Village closing.

Upon registering, you will receive a Hands Free Shopping Service registration confirmation (through email or paper) which is essential to the use of the service. At each boutique where you purchase, you will need to present this confirmation so that brand staff attaches your purchases to your personal code. Please make sure your shopping bags are sealed in front of you.

Your shopping must be retrieved on the same day of purchase, and no later than 15 minutes before Village closing. The service payment (by cash or credit card) occurs at the end of your shopping day, at our Welcome Centre, just before retrieving your shopping bags.

  1. For purchases made in La Vallée Village before registering to Hands Free Shopping, please notify the staff while they register you to the service. These purchases can also be sealed and secured by La Vallée Village staff. Please note that only La Vallée Village staff can accept shopping outside of a brand location. Each boutique can only accept items purchased from that boutique and will not be able to accept purchases made in other boutiques.

For purchases made after subscribing to the Hands Free Shopping service, please present your confirmation email/ paper to the boutique staff at the time of the payment. Verify that your purchases have been placed by the boutique staff in a sealed bag.

  1. When you have finished your shopping day and have made your final purchases, please contact La Vallée Village Welcome Centre at +33 (0)1 60 42

54 01, 15 minutes before your preferred time of departure to ensure your shopping bags will be ready for collection.

We do our outmost to collect your shopping bags and have them ready at your departure time. However, we cannot guarantee this time frame and refuse any liability if despite all our efforts, the service suffers delays.

When collecting your shopping bags (at the Bus Drop Off, at the Welcome Centre or in our VIP Lounge, The Apartment), please present your Hands Free Shopping Service confirmation, the store receipts for the purchases taken in charge by Hands Free Shopping Service, an Identity document establishing your identity as the person who made the subscription to the service.

When receiving your purchases (in the La Vallée Village Welcome Center, Bus Drop Off or VIP Lounge) please make sure you collect all your shopping. Once you validate delivery, La Vallée Village can no longer be held responsible for any loss or damage to your purchases.

We must be informed of any loss or damage on the day of your purchase and before leaving La Vallée Village. All complaints must to be made at the Welcome Centre of La Vallée Village by the person who made the purchase. We shall not accept responsibility for any loss or damage that is not notified to us on the day you used the Hands Free Shopping service, and after you leave La Vallée Village. We will not have access to information regarding the value of your purchases and will, therefore, limit our liability for loss or damage to a maximum value of €5,000 per Hands Free Shopping Subscription. We will only be responsible for loss or damage caused to your shopping bags by La Vallée Village. Any purchases that have not been claimed and collected within 28 days will be disposed of.

For details of how we process your personal data, and information regarding your rights, please read the Village Privacy Notice

The Hands-free Shopping Service at La Vallée Village is provided by VR SERVICES SNC, La Vallée Village, 3 Cours de la Garonne, 77700 SERRIS (tel: +33 1 60 42 54 01, email: