1. It can only be used at Las Rozas Village.
  2. It should be presented at the time of making the purchase so that the discount can be applied. The discount cannot be applied to previous purchases.
  3. It shall not be valid when additional discount campaigns are on offer.
  4. It cannot be combined with other offers neither with products with a discount of more than 33% over the recommended retail price.
  5. Only one VIP Card can be used per family.
  6. It will not be valid at temporary outlet stores.
  7. It has no monetary value.
  8. Discounts offered shall be applied on the outlet store prices, before taxes or similar.
  9. The customer acknowledges and accepts that:

9.1 Value Retail Management Spain, S.L., potential subsidiary companies and/or associated undertakings, as well as the owner of Las Rozas Village (“VR”) shall not be responsible for the prices announced by the outlet stores, or for the prices at which their products are sold at any time. 9.2 VR always acts as an “agent” for the outlet stores and the VIP Card shall not establish any contractual relationship between VR and the customer in relation to the discount offered in the VIP Card or by any other means. 9.3 VR provides no guarantee regarding the products (including, without limitation, the quality of said products) that the customer purchases with the VIP Card at the outlet stores. 9.4 The customer shall not be entitled to bring any claim against VR, and hereby waives any right thereto, should the outlet store not accept a VIP Card, whether totally or partially. The client’s last resort in this case shall be to solely complain to the corresponding outlet store. 9.5 The customer shall not be entitled to any claim, and hereby waives any right thereto, in the event of death, damage or loss (whether personal or material) suffered by the customer or by any third party, as a result of the use of the VIP Card on the part of the customer. 10. In addition to these terms and conditions, the sales terms and conditions of the outlet store in question shall likewise apply to purchases made with the Personal Code Your Village. 11. The customer shall compensate VR, as well as the companies’ managers and employees, and shall release them from any liability arising from any action, claim, damage, loss and cost, which VR and/or the companies’ managers and employees incurred as a result of any action or claim brought by any customer which had disagreed with any acknowledgement, agreement and renunciation made by said customer. MINIMUM SPEND CALVIN KLEIN UNDERWEAR: €60 VERSACE COMPANY STORE: €150 GUCCI: 400€