Want to create a more sustainable wardrobe? These 7 tips will help

For fashion aficionados it can be hard to know where to begin when trying to be a little more eco-friendly. But this Earth Day we’re here to help with some tips to consider before your next trip to one of our Villages.

This Earth Day, as we’re encouraged to invest in our planet to protect its future, we’re turning our attention to our wardrobes to see how small, daily changes can have a positive impact.

Potentially one of the biggest offenders of climate change, you might be wondering how fashion, or more specifically, your wardrobe, can be more eco-friendly. Here, we have rounded up seven tips on how to create a wardrobe that’s better for the environment.


Buy less, buy better

One of the simplest ways to build a conscious wardrobe is by investing in a few high-quality pieces. A well-chosen handbag, a high-quality coat or luxurious knitwear will pay dividends in the long run – look for classic, versatile pieces that can carry you through hundreds of outfits dilemmas and multiple trend cycles. By choosing pieces you can wear for years to come, you’ll not only be helping the planet but your pockets too.

When you curate your wardrobe with this in mind, you approach all purchases as assets. Investing in one luxury handbag, with a timeless design, is much more environmentally friendly than buying five fast-fashion bags that you’ll discard the next season.

Jamal Sinno

Personal Shopper at La Roca Village


Bag a sustainable brand

While every new piece of clothing put into the world has an impact, some brands are doing their bit to minimise their mark. It’s much easier to make conscious fashion choices when shopping if you’ve done the due diligence. Look for those pioneering brands (or certified B-corps) that have adopted sustainable and ethical practices. Low-impact materials, overhauling production processes and ensuring a safe and fair environment for their workers are just a few signs of a brand operating with a sustainable focus in mind.

When you’re shopping, look out for brands that are championing incredible initiatives – whether that’s recycled fabrics, water reduction during production or innovative new materials.

Jamal Sinno

Personal Shopper at La Roca Village


Know your fabrics

It’s important to invest in brands and products that are well-designed and built to last. Opt for collections steeped in eco-efficient practices. From certified plant-based and innovative new materials – such as a leather alternative crafted from pineapple skin and fibres twisted out of recycled plastic ocean waste – to visionary production processes, there’s pioneering design around every corner.


Extend the life of your clothing

Once you’ve curated a wardrobe to love forever, make sure to create time to give it some TLC, whether that’s a cleaning service or professional restoration on older buys. By treating your wardrobe to a sartorial spa session you’re giving it a longer lifespan. You can also breathe new life into old clothes by tailoring and upcycling things, adding months, if not years onto some of your favourite wardrobe staples.


Recycle your wardrobe

A stylist or personal shopper isn’t just there to help you find new clothes; they can work with you to unleash your current wardrobe’s full potential and help you to love what you already own. After all, isn’t the most sustainable piece the one that is already in your wardrobe? Looking at what styles, colours, and silhouettes make you feel good, a stylist can offer tailored suggestions that enable you to view your clothes differently - futureproofing your wardrobe.


Change your attitude to shopping

Of course, buying well isn’t always about buying new. Preloved or vintage clothes are the best option when curating your eco-friendly wardrobe. Enjoy the same thrill of discovery when you find the perfect tailored jacket, occasionwear dress or bag you've had your eye on. And thanks to Monogram Paris, the latest pop-up boutique in La Vallée Village and Maasmechelen Village, you can even buy preloved pieces when shopping across the Collection.


Sustainable decluttering

How you tidy out your wardrobe can be just as impactful on the environment as how you shop. We’re all for a style refresh, but be sure you’re treating your cast-offs with added care. While you might have outgrown a piece, it doesn’t mean there’s not another life in it. Look out for brands that encourage responsible recycling, those that have set up repairs and take-back schemes to help increase the longevity.

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