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Your spring arts and culture hit list

From awe-inspiring art installations to cutting-edge fashion pop-ups, these are the most memorable moments happening across The Bicester Collection this season.

Sure, there are the world’s most exciting designers to shop, savings to enjoy and delicious restaurants to sample – but these latest art installations and fashion moments are reason enough to visit.


Gala Dalí: the Mediterranean dream at La Roca Village

La Roca Village and the Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation come together on an extraordinary project to unveil Gala’s identity, marking 103 years since her birth. ‘The Awakening of the Myth: Gala Dalí’, a year-long exhibition that delves into Gala's enigmatic persona through her fashion archive, is now open to the public. This visionary showcase not only redefines Gala's legacy but also showcases remarkable contributions from illustrator Carla Fuentes and photographer Jordi Bernadó. Presented across three seasons, the current ‘Spring-Summer Collection’ provides a window into Gala's world.

A must-visit for those exploring Barcelona, this exhibition, started at Púbol Castle, offering a sneak peek of the artistic installation which has now arrived at La Roca Village. Celebrating art, fashion and community while honouring Gala's enduring influence, it promises an unforgettable experience.

I want to go down in history as a legend. When all this is over, when everything that is murky now is clean, when time has passed, people will talk about me for good or ill.”

Gala Dalí

Garbo magazine, 1964


Cyril Lancelin's golden dreamland comes to Fidenza Village

You may recognise the striking work of Cyril Lancelin, formerly at La Vallee Village. This year, Fidenza Village, a partner of the Interni Cross Vision Exhibition, presents the immersive art installation "Mille Miroirs" by Cyril Lancelin for Milan Design Week 2024. The breathtaking golden landscape, crafted from towering silhouettes, transports guests into a surreal realm of shifting shadows, shimmering lights and reflections. The installation is currently on display at the University of Milan until 28 April, and will then grace Fidenza Village from early May to August 2024. Take a moment to stroll among the artwork and fully immerse yourself in the artist's imaginative creation. Ensure you don't miss this unforgettable experience, alongside the Village's creative workshops for children by Parmakids. The whole family can enjoy a calendar filled with fun events celebrating art music, food and nature.

Cyril Lancelin’s Mille Miroirs

Photograph by Federico Avanzini

The best of spring's new food and drink openings

The turn of the season means a fresh, new roster of food and drink openings across the Collection. Pull up a chair, you're invited to sample the latest and greatest…


Return to nature with Maasmechelen Village

As spring blossoms, imbuing the air with the promise of renewal, Maasmechelen Village offers an idyllic sanctuary to reconnect with the outdoors. Surrounded by verdant landscapes, the Village welcomes thew new season with the organic creations by Belgium-based landscape artist and willow weaver, Jean-Louis Muller. Celebrating the region's natural beauty, Jean-Louis’ intricate willow installations invite us to forge a deeper connection with our natural surroundings. Don’t miss the chance to witness his craftsmanship firsthand, as he brings his creations to life during live demonstrations.


Make May unforgettable with La Vallée Village

Wave goodbye to the winter blues as La Vallée Village ushers in the festival season with “Faites le Pont.” Dive into a five-day celebration for the senses, where emerging talents take the stage with their captivating live music performances in front of Menu Palais. Afterward, dance into the night with a DJ setting the rhythm, infusing the air with electrifying energy. Mark your calendars for this vibrant celebration, complete with gastronomic delights (rumour has it there’s a pop-up mocktail bar), temporary tattoos artistry and fashion at its finest.

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