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Ponchielli Theatre

Amilcare Ponchielli Theater

By Fidenza Village

4 August 2019

The Amilcare Ponchielli Theater is the only theater structure in the city of Cremona and its artistic activity includes all performative genres, from dance to opera, from music to prose.

The most famous event with national and international appeal is the Monteverdi Festival in June and it is dedicated to the composer Claudio Monteverdi, father of opera.

The Ponchielli Theater is one of the most beautiful and important buildings in the heritage of historic Italian theaters and it is open for visits in Italian and English.


Fondazione Teatro Amilcare Ponchielli Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 52
26100 Cremona - Italy
e-mail: info@teatroponchielli.it www.teatroponchielli.it

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