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Summer vacation is over and the schedule is filled. Time to find your own rhythm again. Discover new beauty products, casual pieces for the gym and the latest looks to get you back on track at the office or at school. ​
Business attire

Return to the office in must-have styles for the new season.

399 €

266 €


The blazer

Whether it’s casual or dressed-up, the blazer instantly enhances any outfit. For a stylish return to work, pick one with a detail that stands out – either a chest pocket, contrasting buttons or fun, textured materials. Roll up the sleeves, belt it and pair it with whatever you like underneath!

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310 €

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575 €

379 €

Michael Kors

Women's Jet Set tote

299 €

199,95 €


Zip-up ankle boots in leather with logo trim

245 €

165 €



69,90 €

55,90 €


Hyaluron Infusion
Pamper your face

Prepare your skin for the colder months with seasonal skincare solutions. Opt for lightweight moisturisers and glow-enhancing serums that absorb quickly without leaving a sticky residue.

Daily care

Perfect that new-season glow with the latest beauty and skincare.

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135 €

108 €

Estée Lauder available at Douglas

Advanced Night Repair

34,99 €

23,92 €


Face Roll On

104,92 €

83 €

Olaplex available at Douglas


48,90 €

38,50 €


Anti wrinkle foam mask

هل رأيتم ما أعجبكم؟

يمكنكم التسوق في الفيلاج افتراضيًا واستلام منتجات علاماتنا التجارية الرائعة مباشرة عند باب المنزل.

Get in shape

The ultimate motivation for your next yoga or gym session.

139,99 €

97,99 €


Metcon training sneakers
The right sneakers

When running or jumping, the impact force can be up to 5 times your body weight - with EVERY contact with the ground. This shoe absorbs the shock and provides a comfortably cushioned running experience so you can enjoy your workout longer.

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90 €

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Under Armour

Sportstyle elite jacket

40 €

27 €

The North Face

Sports bra

New Balance


24,99 €

16,99 €


Training gloves

Back-to-school essentials

65 €

44 €

The North Face

Youth Reactor jacket

49,95 €

33 €


Rubber boots

115 €

80 €

Polo Ralph Lauren


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