Hands-free Shopping (HFS) Terms and Conditions for Guests

  1. Conclusion

The agreement for the Shopping Service is concluded when the Customer signs this order form (offer) and Value Retail Management Germany GmbH (“Value Retail”), by handing or sending the copy of the order form to the person request-ing the Shopping Service (“Customer”), but no later than upon receipt of the payment, if any, accepts this offer.

  1. Scope of services

After conclusion of the contract, the Customer receives a card with a QR code generated individually for the Custom-er (“Customer QR Code”). The respective employee of the participating shop in which the Customer uses the Shop-ping Service packs the shopping bags purchased there (“Purchases”) for the Customer in this shop into packaging materials (“Packaging”) provided for this purpose, which are also labelled with an individual QR code (“Packaging QR Code”). The respective employee then seals the Pack-aging using stickers and/or cable ties. The respective em-ployee then scans the Customer QR Code and the respec-tive Packaging QR Code (or notes the two QR codes manu-ally with the assistance of the purchasing assistant), so that these QR codes are linked to each other to ensure clear allocation. During the scanning process, the pick-up order is also digitally forwarded to the purchasing assistant. When collecting the Purchases, the purchasing assistant scans the Customer QR Code and the Packaging QR Codes in order to hand over the Purchases stored in the Packaging to the Customer. Purchases can also be handed in directly at the Tourist Information and the Service Point next door for safekeeping. Upon delivery, Customer will be shown a summary of the Purchases they have placed in safekeeping, so that the Customer can be sure that all Purchases placed in safe-keeping will be returned. Customers will confirm this when they receive their Purchases. The Shopping Service includes the following services provided by Value Retail during the shopping day: • Carrying the Purchases to the Customer’s vehicle parked in the Wertheim Village car parks.
• Safekeeping of the Purchases in the designated safe-keeping container for the Day of Purchase. However, luggage purchased by the Customer at Wertheim Vil-lage may not be used as carrier bags for further Pur-chases.

  1. Payment

No fee is payable for the Shopping Service. 4. Customer’s obligations Customers are obliged to check on their own responsibility in the shop that all their Purchases are in the shopping bag handed over to them. Furthermore, the customer is obliged to present the Customer QR Code to the respective employ-ee in the respective shop for scanning purposes without delay. Only if the customer temporarily requires access to Purchases already given to the purchasing assistant in the course of the Shopping Service (e.g., for colour matching), the customer will contact the Wertheim Village Tourist Infor-mation or the purchasing assistant directly. The purchasing assistant will remove the seal from the respective Purchases before returning these Purchases. If the customer no longer needs the Purchases, a new seal is used for this purpose. ATTENTION: If the removal of the seal causes damage to the Purchases, the customer is liable. 5. Availment The Shopping Service is only available until 60 minutes before the closing time of Wertheim Village. Purchases made at Wertheim Village later than 60 minutes before closing time cannot be collected through the Shopping Service. 6. Collection 6.1 If the parties have not agreed on a fixed time for collec-tion, the collection of the Purchases must be announced for Ingolstadt Village at telephone number +49 (0)841 8863 100 and for Wertheim Village at telephone number +49 9342 9199100, 30 minutes in advance, stating the customer’s name. 6.2 Your shopping must be retrieved on the same day of purchase, and no later than 15 minutes before Village closing. 6.3 Purchases held in safekeeping are returned to them at the Village Tourist Information after the end of the Shop-ping Service. Value Retail will have the Purchases ready for collection at the selected return location within 30 minutes of prior telephone notification or notification to the shopping assistant, if the parties have not agreed on a fixed time for collection. However, Value Retail is not liable for any delays. At the request of the customer, the Purchases will then be transported to the customer’s means of transport; this will only take place when ac-companied by the customer. 6.4 When collecting your shopping bags, please present your Shopping Service confirmation, the store receipts for the purchases taken in charge by Shopping Service, an Identity document establishing your identity as the person who made the subscription to the service. 6.5 If the stored Purchases are not collected by the custom-er on the Day of Purchase, Value Retail will destroy un-claimed Purchases after 28 calendar days at the latest. 7. Luggage or other Purchases The Customer is advised that participating shops at the Village can only accept those Purchases for the Shopping Service that were purchased in the shop in question, but not other luggage or other purchases from other shops. ATTENTION: Customers are advised to keep the cash receipts of their Purchases separately outside the Packag-ing. For purchases made in a Village before registering to Shopping Service, please notify the staff while they register you to the service. These purchases can also be sealed and secured by Village staff. Please note that only Village staff can accept shopping outside of a brand location.

  1. Data Protection

8.1. In order to provide the Shopping Services, Value Retail has to store certain personal data about the Customer. For example, Value Retail will process the Customer’s identification data (in general, the full name) in order to identify the Customer. In some cases, Value Retail may process email address or telephone number if neces-sary so that Value Retail can contact the Customer. 8.2. In general, we process such personal data in order fulfil our contractual obligations deriving from these T&Cs. Whenever necessary, we will ask for your consent to process your personal data. If the Shopping Service requires such consent and you do not provide it, we may be unable to provide the Shopping Service. 8.3. To obtain details on how Value Retail processes per-sonal data, please see our data protection policy.

  1. Liability

Value Retail is liable to the Customer in accordance with the statutory provisions for damages caused by intent or gross negligence. In the event of simple and slight negligence, Value Retail will only be liable for damages resulting from the violation of a material contractual obligation. To the extent Value Retail is liable in cases of simple and slight negligence, liability is limited to damages that typically occur as a possible con-sequence of the breach of contract and that were foreseea-ble as a possible consequence of a breach of contract at the time the contract was concluded. To the extent the liability of Value Retail is excluded or limited, this also applies to the personal liability of its em-ployees, staff members, legal representatives and agents. Value Retail’s liability for culpable injury to life, body or health remains unaffected by the above liability provisions. The liability is limited to a maximum amount of EUR 25,000 per shopping bag. 10. Loss of Purchase Any damage and/or loss of Purchases must be reported without undue delay by the Customer to the Wertheim Vil-lage Tourist Information. Otherwise, Value Retail will not be liable for such losses and/or damages. 11. Other 11.1 The laws of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply. 11.2 If the Customer has no place of residence or common abode within the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany, the place of jurisdiction is the registered of-fice of Value Retail. The same shall apply if Customers move their place of residence or common abode out-side the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany or if the Customer’s place of residence or common abode is not known at the time the action is brought.

Extra Point: You can register in one of our Welcome Areas or directly in shop (where a member of our team will come to complete your registration). Upon registering, you will receive a Shopping Service registration confirmation (through email or paper) which is essential to the use of the service.