8 of Bavaria’s most beautiful destinations
Bavaria’s rich heritage and enchanting cities perfectly combine with a visit to Ingolstadt Village. From historical wonders to hidden gems, here are the must-visit destinations in Bavaria that deserve a spot on your itinerary.

(A 15-minute drive from Ingolstadt Village)
The former Bavarian ducal residence, university and fortress city seamlessly blend tradition and modernity, offering a unique city break experience. Explore the impressive historical sights and majestic fortress buildings. Then, after a day of discovery, unwind in a traditional restaurant or beer garden, raising a glass to the flavours and spirit of Ingolstadt. Prost!

Historic city of Ingolstadt

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The impressive Gothic cathedral Liebfrauenmuenster in Ingolstadt was built in the 14th century and is known for its architectural details, impressive size, and for the capping of its two unfinished towers.

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Prunn Castle

(A 40-minute drive from Ingolstadt Village)
Discover one of Bavaria’s best-preserved medieval castles, perched high above the Altmühl Valley. This historic gem, which once housed the manuscript of the Song of the Nibelungs, perfectly embodies the essence of a knight's castle, complete with breathtaking views. In addition to the guided tour of its richly adorned rooms and exhibitions, the well-preserved castle chapel is also well worth seeing. Don’t miss out on regular events, such as nightly performances and concerts, which make each visit to this castle an unforgettable experience.

Prunn Castle
Weltenburg Monastery

(A 50-minute drive from Ingolstadt Village)
Bavaria's oldest monastery, nestled picturesquely on the banks of the Danube, was founded in 620. You’ll be impressed by the awe-inspiring baroque architecture, with the magnificent Asam Church taking centre stage, adorned with its ornate ceiling paintings and sculptures. Inside, discover the Weltenburg Monastery Brewery, enticing beer enthusiasts for over a millennium with its exquisite brews, perfectly complemented by traditional Bavarian fare in the Klosterschenke beer garden. Explore the surrounding area with its scenic hiking trails and be rewarded with an impressive vista of the Danube Gorge.

Weltenburg Monastery


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Without a doubt, the most enchanting way to reach Weltenburg Monastery is by boat from Kehlheim. Drift along the serene waters of the Danube and soak in the views.

Stop over at Ingolstadt Village

Fashion, food and five-star services, all less than an hour from Munich. Enjoy all-day dining and discover 110 of your favorite luxury fashion and lifestyle boutiques with unmissable savings all year round.

Visit the Village

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Climb the steps of the inner gallery to reach the outdoor terrace. From here you’ll have beautiful views over the city of Kelheim, the Danube and Altmühl valleys and the Weltenburger Enge nature reserve.

The Liberation Hall

(A 40-minute drive from Ingolstadt Village)
The ‘Befreiungshalle’ in Kelheim, Bavaria, is a historical monument commissioned by King Ludwig I. It offers spectacular views of the Danube and the surrounding countryside. Step inside the impressive 45-metre-high hall to marvel at the remarkable interior and be captivated by the circle of 34 marble victory goddesses, each 3.30 metres high. A must-visit destination that combines history, architecture and awe-inspiring views.

Liberation Hall at Kelheim
Asamkirche Maria de Victoria

(A 15-minute drive from Ingolstadt Village)
Discover the hidden gem of Bavarian Rococo in Ingolstadt’s old town – the Asam Church on Neubaustraße. Admire the magnificent interior adorned with intricate frescoes depicting biblical scenes and celestial motifs. Step inside to witness the impressive architecture, intricate stucco work, and serene atmosphere of this cultural and religious masterpiece.

Asam Church Maria de Victoria

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Things aren’t always as they appear… Stand on the circle on the diamond tile near the door and look over your left shoulder at the archer with the flaming red turban – wherever you walk, the arrow points right at you.

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Bavarian Police Museum

(A 15-minute drive from Ingolstadt Village)
Calling all aspiring future police officers… The Bavarian Police Museum is a must-visit for children and families alike. Explore the collection of historic uniforms, equipment, vehicles, and weapons that show the evolution of policing. Families can learn about criminology, public safety, and the remarkable work of police service dogs through interactive exhibits. It’s an educational experience that’ll leave young minds inspired.

Bavarian Police Museum
Falkenhof Rosenburg Castle

(A 30-minute drive from Ingolstadt Village)
Transport yourself to the medieval era at Falkenhof Rosenburg Castle, a picturesque fortress that rises romantically above the town of Riedenburg. Discover the Falkenhof, one of Germany’s oldest falconries, where magnificent birds of prey, including falcons, eagles and owls, showcase breathtaking flight shows. Get lost in the castle's hunting and falconry museum as you delve into the history of falconry and the Counts of Riedenburg.

Falkenhof Rosenburg Castle

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After a successful family outing, recharge at the beer garden in the courtyard or enjoy a meal in the cellar vault restaurant.

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Nymphenburg Palace in northwest Munich is a marvel of Baroque architecture, with its expansive gardens and ornate interior. Take a leisurely stroll through the beautiful parks, along the picturesque river, and enjoy a relaxing break at one of the charming pavilions.


(A 1 hour and 10-minute drive from Ingolstadt Village)
Discover the charm of Munich on a delightful day trip. Explore historic landmarks such as the renowned Marienplatz, adorned with an impressive city hall and the Frauenkirche church. Bask in the natural beauty of the English Garden and experience traditional Bavarian beer gardens. Visit the Alte and Neue Pinakothek, which house world-famous paintings and sculptures.

Nymphenburg Palace

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