Art meets fashion

#ArtMeetsFashion: the importance of colour (and form)

To understand the relationship between art and fashion from the perspective of a new generation of contemporary artists, we talked to Gema Polanco, Cachetejack and Kokon Design.

CACHETEJACK (Mi cuerpo ¡Hell yeah!)

How important is colour for you?
We use colour in our work as a way to grab the viewer's attention. Once this is achieved, the reading begins.

If rules are there to be broken, which colour theory do you most like to disprove?
That of eating by colour.

Taking over a building like the Village Tower, does it influence the way you approach the work?

In our case, we took the tower as a whole and thought of the composition as a final sculpture. We were given a block of a certain shape and from there we created the figure.

The palette of Cachetejack


Black boot with stiletto heel
yellow shoulder bag Adolfo Dominguez

Adolfo Domínguez

Yellow shoulder bag
Orange shoulder bag Guess


Orange shoulder bag

Kokon (PinkHouse Effect)

What do you think about this art showcase which is part of a public art project?

I think it's a good opportunity for art to be brought closer to ordinary visitors in new contexts, beyond museums and galleries. It's also a very interesting showcase for the emerging artists who have been invited.

What does pink mean to you?
At PinkHouse Effect, pink plays a deceptive role. It masks with a naïve and childish touch what in reality is a powerful, invasive nature, which in other contexts and colours might seem threatening.

What is the relationship between art and fashion for you?
I see art as a form of expression, as fashion can be, both for those who design and for those of us who express ourselves through the clothes we wear.

The Kokon palette

pink leather jacket Philipp Plein

Philipp Plein

Pink leather jacket
Orange shoulder bag PINKO


335 €

Village price

250 €


Orange shoulder bag
Pink bag Liu Jo


159 €

Village price

105 €


Pink bag

Meet all the artists who have turned our landscaped avenues into a spectacular open-air art gallery.

Gema Polanco (She that […])

Six out of seven of the artists featured in the Village’s art showcase are women. How do you see the current art scene in relation to women?

Better than before, we can't deny that. But there is still a lot to be done in all industries; art is just one more.

The colour contrast between red and Klein blue creates a vibrant scene. What does the use of colour mean to you?

Red and blue have been part of my imagination since the beginning. They are incredible colours. Red is linked to strength, drama, blood and blue is linked to femininity, water, emotions, flow.

What are your references? And how important is music?

Music has the power to heal, to bring people together, to generate alter egos. It's fascinating! Besides music and everything that surrounds it, I consume a lot of culture in general. It's what allows me to connect with others and be part of something magical.

Gema Polanco's palette

Pink tot bag tommy hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger

Pink tote bag
navy blue grillet Sandro


Navy blue vest
Red bucket bag Diesel


Red bucket bag

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