Barker and Bones - Maasmechelen Village

Stylish dog accessories

28 June – 14 July (daily) & 20 July – 1 September (weekends and holidays)

This summer holiday, Barker & Bones is coming to Maasmechelen Village with a tail-wagging shopping experience! Founder Ines and her four-legged sidekick Copain have curated an extraordinary collection of dog accessories from European brands that outbrave the ordinary and fit seamlessly into any interior.

In addition, the pair are showcasing their very own Barker & Bones Collection of artisan handmade dog accessories – created in-house or together with local craftspeople with an eye for style, quality and sustainability.

Barker and Bones

Toy Rupert

Barker and Bones

Wellness kit

Barker and Bones

Bum bag