StreetArt Festival​

2023 Edition

StreetArt Festival

Thanks to the third edition of the StreetArt Festival, Fidenza Village becomes the place to live artistic and creative experiences, enriched with new expressions of urban and contemporary art present on the international scene. Compared to previous editions, this year’s story focuses on a variety of styles, differences and depths of the artistic approach.

StreetArt Festival with style

Calvin Klein Skirt


129,90 €

Village Price

90,90 €

Calvin Klein

Denim skirt


57 €

Village Price

38,19 €


Summer hat
Malipami top


130 €

Village Price

78 €



StreetArt Tour

Fidenza Village presents the first podcast on Street Art that is also an audio guide to the great open-air museum just an hour from Milan. Street Art is a revolution, an art outside museums, without frames and pedestals, democratic and for everyone. And there are few places in the world that, like Fidenza Village, house such a valuable collection of Urban Art with works by Seth, Camille Walala, Fidia, Peeta, Lidia Cao, Luca Barcellona and other masters of the international scene, as well as young emerging talents from the underground world.



Highlights from the Village

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