Main Image Monnalisa
Main Image Monnalisa

Monnalisa - Fidenza Village

The company's philosophy has always combined entrepreneurial activity, innovation, the search for new markets, original styling, and particular attention to the development of business resources and expertise.

Fidenza Village From Home

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2023 Collection


159 €


Denim jacket with embroidered bows


96 €


Cotton jogger


205 €


Floral tulle dress

Monnalisa ACBC capsule collection

Discover Monnalisa’s ACBC capsule collection. Help small steps bring big changes with the brand’s commitment to environmental sustainability. Shop 100% animal-free footwear, made with zero emissions. This innovative collection is crafted from recycled materials, including PET bottles, wood fibres, and fruit waste.

Monnalisa await you with a special selection of products from current season collections*, for an even more exclusive shopping experience.

*available at recommended retail price

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