We want to celebrate that you have reached Membership level 2 with a Personal Shopping experience at our Village.

  1. Limited invitation to 2 personal and non-transferable colour analysis sessions per year, with our Personal Shopping team at Las Rozas Village. Valid until 31/03/2024, inclusive.
  2. To request the experience, contact us by e-mail at indicating the day you want to enjoy it. In both cases you must present the Membership code and book ahead at least one week in advance. Your session will be subject to the availability of the personal shopping advisor.

*The service included is an advising service and clothes will not be included.

You will receive this reward provided that you have reached Membership level 2. The reward is as set out above and does not extend to any other item that is not expressly specified.

The reward is non-transferable and may not be exchanged for its cash value, or for other alternative rewards, even of lower value.

We will not be responsible for the services provided by the advisor, or in the event that it is not possible to hold the session due to unavailability of the advisor, whether or not this is due to force majeure, or of any delay or cancellations that may occur.

The terms and conditions signed on accessing the Membership programme are also applicable to this reward.