1. The Organizer is Value Retail Management Spain, S.L.U., with Tax Identification Number B-60689486 (hereinafter the “Organizer”, “Las Rozas Village” indistinctly), the company that manages the Las Rozas Village outlet centre. The Organizer can be contacted at its registered office at La Roca Village, La Roca del Vallès, C.P. 08430 (Barcelona).

The Organizer details below the rules governing the prize draw (the “Draw” and the “Rules”, respectively), aimed exclusively at members of the Las Rozas Village Membership Programme.

  1. The territorial scope of this Draw extends to the territory of Spain, i.e. both the mainland Spain and the islands.

  2. Membership customers who make purchases to the value of €350 or more, scanning the QR code, between 20 June 2023 and 31 July 2023, inclusive (the “Term”), at Las Rozas Village may participate in the Draw. Participation in the Draw is free.

  3. Throughout this Term, a weekly draw will be held to win a Gift Card valued at €999, i.e. a total of 6 Gift Cards during the Term.

Specifically, each weekly Draw will take place for the terms and on the dates indicate below:

4.1. Week 1 Draw: For purchases made from 20 June 2023 with participation closing on 26 June 2023 at 23:59.

4.2. Week 2 Draw: For purchases made from 27 June 2023 with participation closing on 3 July 2023 at 23:59.

4.3. Week 3 Draw: For purchases made from 4 July 2023 with participation closing on 10 July at 23:59.

4.4. Week 4 Draw: For purchases made from 11 July 2023 with participation closing on 17 July at 23:59.

4.5. Week 5 Draw: For purchases made from 18 July 2023 with participation closing on 24 July at 23:59.

4.6. Week 6 Draw: For purchases made from 25 July 2023 with participation closing on 31 July at 23:59.

  1. During the Term, a prize draw to win a Gift Card valued at €999 will be held every week, for Membership Programme members who have made purchases during the week in question to the value of €350 or more at Las Rozas Village. The value of these purchases may be cumulative during the week in question until the minimum of €350 is reached, and it is not necessary to spend this amount in a single purchase.

There will be one (1) winner per weekly Draw who will receive the prize for that week.

The prizes are non-transferable and may not be exchanged for their cash value, or for alternative prizes, even if of lesser value.

The prizes are as set out above and do not extend to any other item that is not expressly specified, enumerating on a non-limitative basis the following exclusions:

  • Expenses;
  • Transfers;
  • Levies and taxes, including those deriving from the prizes and the tourist tax.
  1. In order to participate in the Draw, participants must fulfil all the following conditions:
  2. Scan purchases made between 20 June 2023 and 31 July 2023 in any of the participation boutiques in the Village that have a scanner (including restaurant establishments).

All the boutiques in the Village are included in this promotion, except Starbucks, and therefore purchases in that establishment will not be counted for the purposes of this promotion. Unscanned purchases will not be counted under any circumstances. 2. Be previously registered as a Member and give consent to receive communications from the Organizer. 3. On fulfilling the above conditions, customers will receive an e-mail confirming that their purchases have been recorded correctly and will have to confirm their participation in the draw by responding to the e-mail received. Till receipts do not have to be validated at Concierge Services.

  1. Each Draw will take place as follows:

a. It will be held the day after each of the 6 weeks mentioned in point 4 has ended. Specifically, each weekly Draw will be completed on the following days:

  • 27 June 2023
  • 4 July 2023
  • 11 July 2023
  • 18 July 2023
  • 25 July 2023
  • 1 August 2023

b. The winners will be chosen at random through the platform random.org. A reserve will also be selected.

c. Each winner will receive notice on the same day of the Draw or the following day by e-mail confirming that he/she is the winner of the Draw, to which he/she must respond indicating his/her contact details (first name and surname, address, landline and/or mobile telephone and National Identity Document) to the address from which the e-mail was sent and will be informed by the Organizer of the place where the prize can be collected. Winners may also be announced through any medium and/or format that the Organizer may use for that purpose, either internal or external (for example: social media, radio, among others). d. The term in which to reply to the e-mail will be 15 calendar days, and the dates will be explicitly indicated in the e-mail. If no reply is received, or the winner expressly waives the prize, the winner will automatically forfeit the prize and the Organizer will be entitled to select the respective reserve as the new winner. e. The reserve will be contacted following the above procedure and will be granted a new term of 15 calendar days to respond as indicated in paragraph c) above. If the reserve expressly waives the prize or if no communication whatsoever is received from the reserve during that term, the prize will not be awarded, with no right to receive any compensation whatsoever.

  1. Deadline for collection of the prizes: The deadline for collecting the prizes at Concierge Services in Las Rozas Village will be 30 September 2023, at 9 p.m. After that date, the corresponding winners –whether the original winners or reserves in the cases described above–, will forfeit their right to the prize and the prizes under the Draw will be deemed not awarded, with no right to any compensation whatsoever. The winner must provide evidence of his/her identity by showing his/her National Identity Document, passport and/or driving licence to staff of the Las Rozas Village Concierge Service. At this same place the winner will sign a receipt for the prize. The prize will not under any circumstances be sent by e-mail or by post.

  2. The following persons are expressly prohibited from participating in this Draw:

  • Those under 18 years old;

  • Partners, executives and employees of the Organizer, or of Las Rozas Village, or of La Roca Village, or the other group companies that apply the Bicester Collection concept, the agencies involved in the promotion, suppliers, direct or indirect collaborators that have participated in preparing it, and the children and direct family members of all the above.

If, for any reason, a person listed in the preceding paragraph becomes the winner, the Organizer may remove/disqualify the participant in breach of these rules and withdraw/invalidate the corresponding prize due to failure to comply with the requisites for participation. Any attempted fraud may be prosecuted by the Organizer and for that purpose, it reserves the right to instigate any legal actions that may be available to it in order to claim compensation for damages and any other right corresponding to it. In such a case, the corresponding winner of the Draw will be the reserve.

In any case, the Organizer is released from liability in respect of any fraudulent participation of third parties or malpractice by them, outside the Organizer’s control, in the promotion and conduct of the Draw.

The Organizer will not be liable for cases of force majeure and acts that are not directly attributable to it that could prevent the winner from the total or partial enjoyment of his/her prize.

The Organizer does not accept any liability whatsoever for participation not successfully completed because of technical failure, computer or software failure, or any kind of satellite, network or server failure.

The Organizer reserves the right to replace the prize with an alternative prize of the same or a higher value if necessary due to circumstances outside the Organizer’s control.

Participation in the Draw implies full acceptance of these Rules, and means that the participant has read and understood and expressly accepts the full contents hereof, without reservation or limitation. The Rules will be permanently available for consultation and printing by all participants on the Organizer’s website, specifically at the following links:

https://www.thebicestercollection.com/las-rozas-village/es/legal/sorteo-tarjeta- regalo-verano

https://www.thebicestercollection.com/las-rozas-village/en/legal/raffle-gift- card-summer

The Organizer reserves the right to modify or cancel the conditions of this Draw at any time, and undertakes to communicate the new Rules, conditions or the definitive cancellation, as the case may be. In particular, if as a result of causes of force majeure outside the Organizer’s control, Las Rozas Village has to be closed to the public and therefore it is not possible to carry out the Draw, participants may not make any claim whatsoever against the Organizer.

  1. In compliance with the provisions of ruling legislation, if applicable, the Organizer will apply the corresponding withholding in respect of Personal Income Tax to the winner of the prize, and will declare the prizes delivered in the corresponding tax forms. Any tax repercussions that obtaining the prizes may have for the winners will be to the winners’ sole account and therefore the Organizer will be exempt from any liability in this regard.

  2. The winners of the Draw accept and authorize the publication mentioning their name, image and the prizes obtained on the Organizer’s website and social media and on any other commercial or advertising material or media (internal or external) that may be used by the Organizer in order to report and make public the result of the Draw carried out. Such authorization is given solely for that purpose, on a non-exclusive and non-transferable basis. The winners undertake to participate reasonably in any subsequent advertising initiatives that the Organizer may request.

  3. These Rules are governed by Spanish law. Breach by the participant of any of the rules and regulations established in these Rules will lead to his/her immediate disqualification and expulsion from the Draw, forfeiting any prizes, as the case may be.

  4. The participants and the Organizer accept that any disputes arising in the interpretation or performance of these Rules will be submitted to the jurisdiction of the Courts of the city of Barcelona.

  5. Personal data protection

The Organizer will process the data for the purposes of carrying out and managing the Draw and to contact the participant to communicate any fact or activity related thereto (for example, to notify the winner, incorrect participations, extensions or changes in the conditions), such processing being necessary and legally based on the performance of the contract of participation in the Draw.

The data provided will not be communicated to any parties other than the suppliers who provide a service to the Organizer, such as obtaining information on the participants, determining and/or announcing the winners, among others, and for the sole purpose of successful conduct of the Draw.

The data will be processed by Organizer while the Draw is still open to participation, and during the time necessary to determine the winner. Once all the winners has been communicated, the data will be stored for the time necessary to comply with the Organizer’s legal obligations, including the statute-barring periods of any action deriving from the Draw (for example, up to 3 years for any case related to consumer and user defence).

Each participant has the right of access, rectification, erasure, objection, limitation or portability, which may be exercised in writing to the Legal Department, La Roca Village, Santa Agnès de Malanyanes, La Roca del Vallès, post code 08430 (Barcelona) or by sending an e-mail to legal@larocavillage.com, indicating on the envelope or as the subject of the e-mail: “Ref: Personal data – Gift Card.” Furthermore, the participant may submit a complaint to the Spanish Data Protection Agency if he/she considers that processing has been carried out in breach of the provisions of these legal Rules or the applicable legislation.

All participants warrant that the personal data provided to the Organizer in the context of this Draw are true and accurate. Any falsehood in the identity or address of the participate will lead to automatic elimination of his/her participation and the cancellation of the prize obtained, as the case may be.

If you do not consent to the processing of your personal data as indicated in the preceding paragraphs, please refrain from participating in the Draw.