How to enjoy this special treat? Too easy! Just for joining membership

  1. Scan purchases* for a minimum value of € 1,500 from 1 June 2022 to 15 September 2022, both included, in any of the participating boutiques in the Village that have a scanner (excluding restaurants and cafés) and get a gourmet invitation in Cristina Oria.

  2. Once your purchases for a minimum value of € 1,500 have been scanned, you will receive an e-mail* that you must present at the Cristina Oria, along with your ID or Passport and your personal membership code.

  3. Enjoy a very special gastronomic experience*!

  4. The prize consists of a gourmet invitation at Cristina Oria. You can choose between a sweet gastronomic experience (waffle with cream and chocolate + coffee or tea or lemonade or orange juice) or salty (two drinks to choose from, wine or soft drink and an aperitif of truffled mortadella and bread sticks or cheese and bread sticks), for Membership customers that have scanned purchases worth more than 1,500 euros.

❗❗ The following boutiques are excluded from this promotion, so purchases in these boutiques will not count for the purposes of this promotion: Bimba y Lola, Gucci, Polo Ralph Lauren Men, Polo Ralph Lauren Women, Polo Ralph Lauren Children.

*Purchases not scanned or incorrectly scanned will not be counted under any circumstances.

*If you do not receive the email after having made purchases equal to or greater than € 1,500 in the participating boutiques, go to the Concierge Services with the purchase tickets, along with your ID or Passport and your personal membership code.

*Only one gourmet invitation per membership code will be delivered, valid until the end of the Promotion, 15 September 2022 but redeemable until 15 October 2022.