Meet our creative changemakers

Artists and stylists, even a flower farmer – we invited some of the most creative changemakers for a celebratory gathering at The Bicester Collection. Pull up a seat and get to know them better…

Buoyed by the joy that spring brings, we gathered inspiring artists and creators to celebrate new connections, delight in good food and discuss what it really means to live stylishly. Gather around our Village picnic table, hear their fascinating stories – and learn their must-have styling tips for spring…


Bevan Agyemang and family

Bevan and his partner Feven, son Halo and daughter River are known for their unique style. A London-based artist and designer born in Ghana, Bevan launched his fashion label, TSAU, among many other creative projects. The unifying thread? “It will always be about space – understanding the different spaces around me.” Meanwhile, Feven draws inspiration from “art, jewellery,” and her “really fashionable” mum and aunts. Their aesthetic, says Bevan, “feeds its way through to the kids... you can see that energy.” In fact, “the kids want to design their own clothing collection.” Watch this space.

STYLE SECRET: An advocate for individual style, “set your own trend – that’s always the best trend,” says Bevan. “I think it's very important to find your own rhythm.”

I’m always drawing from the different places I've travelled. Whether it's accessories or the clothing itself, there always has to be a point of difference and a juxtaposition of some sort.

Bevan Agyemang

Visual artist and designer


Benedikte Klüvee

Bee, a Danish artist based in London, is a Slade School of Fine Art alumna. Her work ranges from spectacular canvases washed with oils to abstract needlework pieces. “I grew up in a very colourful home,” she explains. So perhaps it’s no surprise that she does her best work in her family’s cottage on “a small island in Denmark. It’s very peaceful there.” That said, she takes inspiration from “wherever I go, and my fellow contemporary artists as well. I'm about to move to Berlin, so I'm curious to see how that's going to affect my work.”

STYLE SECRET: “Classic and quality never goes out of style.” So, lean on items which exude a sense of quiet timelessness. For Spring/Summer 2024, Bee’s on the hunt for a “very cool” miniskirt.

I work a lot with colours and how they interact with each other – I like to see how their weights can transform a composition.

Benedikte Klüvee


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Albert Riera Galceran

Barcelona-based artist Albert works across a variety of media. His pieces range from paintings that balance boldness and delicacy to sculptural works mixing paper, wax and wire. “I would describe my art as colourful, very ephemeral and sensitive,” he says. “I find my inspiration everywhere.” As for his process, he starts “by very intuitively putting things together, and then when I see where I'm going with that piece and what I want to transmit, I find out which medium will be the perfect one.” Right now, he is busy in his studio with a view to “hopefully having a solo show or group show at some point this year”.

STYLE SECRET: An advocate for unassuming style, Albert likes to “keep everything very basic and have just one piece which really stands out.”

The streets are a big inspiration; things that I see in my everyday life. If I spend a lot of time somewhere different, that starts having an effect on my work.

Albert Riera Galceran




An artist and model, Naoko moved from Japan to pursue studies in textiles and glass in the UK. She’s since exhibited her work on an international stage. In addition to her artistic endeavours, she curates a collection of kimonos through her Etsy store, Japamania. “Inspiration comes from the street fashion where I live in Shoreditch,” she says. “There are lots of cafés and I go there and look at what everybody is wearing. Anywhere I go, I try to source the local fashion,’ she adds. “I was influenced a lot in Ghana, for instance, because they have such a strong tradition in textiles.”

STYLE SECRET: Whether putting together an everyday look or dressing up for an occasion, Naoko emphasises the importance of paying extra attention, particularly to your shoes. “They must be clean, immaculate, and look gorgeous!”

My personal style is always casual. I wear jeans – very simple – and mix it up with what I've collected around the world, like bangles, jewellery and scarves.


Artist and model


James Kennedy

At their regenerative farm in North Cornwall, James and his wife run Petalon, a business delivering homegrown, seasonal flowers. “We got into floristry sort of by accident,” he says. “The idea was very much a product of our move to Cornwall with our family and having the space.” Home is where he finds inspiration, whether “at the beach or on the wilder parts of our farm – places where I can't hear or see anyone else.” His next idea? “I’m just about to order wine grapes to start growing our own red wine.” Perfect for the next picnic.

STYLE SECRET: James’ go-to piece is a workwear jacket – effortlessly balancing style and practicality with its abundance of pockets.

I live about three miles from the coast. And on any day, if it’s raining, windy or whatever else, I've never regretted going and getting in the sea.

James Kennedy


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