The Private Sale Code

• is valid at Wertheim Village only in participating boutiques.
• must be redeemed at the time of purchase in order to receive a reduction and does not apply to previous purchases.
• only applies to the original outlet price and not to already further reduced outlet prices.
• is not valid in conjunction with any other offer.
• has no cash value.
• is valid during Private Sale.
The customer acknowledges and agrees that
• the reductions offered are in relation to the relevant outlet boutique’s prices, before the application of any taxes, duties, levies or administration or similar fees.
• Value Retail Management Germany GmbH, its subsidiaries and associated companies and the owners of Wertheim Village (“VR”) are not responsible for prices at which the relevant outlet boutique advertises or sells goods from time to time.
• VR is acting as the courier of the relevant outlet boutiques at all times and therefore the Private Sale Code creates no contractual relationship between VR and the customer in relation to the reduction offered by the Private Sale Code or otherwise.
• VR makes no warranties regarding the goods (including, without limitation, the quality thereof) that the customer may obtain with the Private Sale Code from the relevant outlet boutiques.
• the customer shall have no right, and waives his/her ability to make any claim against VR, in the event that any relevant outlet boutique fails to honour a reduction granted by the Private Sale Code in whole or part, and the customer’s only remedy in that situation is to claim against the relevant outlet boutique.
• in the remaining cases, the liability of VR is limited to intent and gross negligence except in cases of injuries of life, body or health for which the liability limitation does not apply.
• the terms and conditions of sale of any outlet boutique shall apply to any purchases from such outlet boutique using the Private Sale Code in addition to these terms and conditions.
• the customer shall indemnify VR, and those companies’ officers and employees, and hold them harmless from and against any actions, claims, damages (including amounts paid on a without prejudice basis), losses and costs suffered by VR and/or those companies’ officers and employees in consequence of any action or claim made by a customer which is at variance with the acknowledgements, agreements and waivers made by the customer above.
• The Private Sale Code cannot be transferred to third parties.