BABOR | Professional foundation meets ampoule power

Boris Entrup, Creative Director and Make-Up Expert at BABOR, shares the latest beauty trends and how BABOR's new make-up line is inspired by them.


Boris, tell us about the current make up trends

"For quiet some time now we have noticed that naturalness in make-up is becoming an increasingly important factor, with an equally large diversity of skin conditions - now it is no longer a small trend, or an observation, but a major make-up line. You can see it not only in the current digital fashion shows of major labels - the look is also implemented by consumers all over the world."


How would you describe the new BABOR make up in only 3 words?

"More skincare power.
Not only the ampoules, but all products contain special, caring active ingredients.

More color variety & more flexibility.
People are as diverse as their wishes and expectations. Our customers expect more from make-up. With the new collection, we can meet the most diverse demands, while at the same time providing simple and flexible application for an infinite number of looks."


Which is your favorite product?

"The BABOR Hydra Liquid Foundation. 15 colors, light texture with medium coverage, a great fresh skin feeling and intensively moisturized skin thanks to the active ingredients of the BABOR Hydra Plus ampoule."

Boris' Favourites

Hydra Liquid Foundation


Hydra Liquid Foundation 'Alabaster'


Hydra Liquid Foundation 'Peach Vanilla'


Hydra Liquid Foundation 'Natural'
Boris' Favourites

BABOR Ampoule Sets


AC Hydration Perfect Glow 7er


AC Hydration Hydra Plus 7er


AC Lift-Firm Collagen Booster 7er

About Boris Entrup

Boris Entrup started his career more than 20 years ago as a hair & make-up artist and works now independently for various international beauty brands, photo shoots and TV shoots, fashion shows and magazines. Not only well-known personalities & fashion experts benefit from his beauty expertise - he also translates the looks of the international catwalks for daily use and offers exclusive one-on-one consultations, appointments and workshops for end consumers in his studio in Hamburg.

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