Levi’s® | Celebrating 150 years of the iconic 501® jean
STYLE10 мая 2023
Since 1873, the 501® has been synonymous with identity, creativity and authenticity, earning itself the most ubiquitous name in denim. Quite fitting then, that we celebrate the anniversary of this iconic cut with style stories from around the world.
A canvas for creativity

One cut, endless ways to customise. What started as a straight fit blue wash denim has gone on to become a canvas with which to express our creativity. Whether it’s deconstructing with a pair of scissors, embellishing, bleaching, or allowing natural wear and tear to determine the look, there’s plenty of ways to express your style.

Express yourself

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45 €


Men's 501 alpine glow DX short

“I usually paint on my 501®s things personalised to me — cartoons, gold jewellery, Caribbean culture. I put them all together to create a walking art piece.” – Emily, painter/singer/dancer

Your 501®s live with you. They take on your character — the way you sit, cuff them, carry stuff in your pockets. They just become a part of you.




Men's 501 ripped

“The 501® to me is about versatility…anybody can wear it and do anything they want with it, you know? Whatever mood you’re feeling, you can wear a 501®.” – Connor, actor/musician

Everlasting style and durability

Trends may come and go, but a classic cut like the 501® jeans will never go out of style. Made from durable, sustainably sourced cotton, each pair is a true investment that you’ll be able to rely on for the long-haul. Perfect then, for passing onto future generations (if you can ever bear to part with them…).

To last a lifetime

“I always look for Levi’s® in thrift stores because they last through multiple people’s closets. The 501®s I’m wearing could’ve been worn by somebody’s grandpa. That’s really cool.”



Fit for all

Loved by millions around the globe, the understated cut of the 501®s make them a perfect fit for all. A blueprint to the classic denim jean, a straight fit design means they work for practically every body type. And as such, no two pairs worn will ever tell the same story – making them forever unique and a perennial favourite.

Loved by everyone

64,95 €

45 €


Men's 501 valley life short

“As a non-binary person, through high school, I remember feeling forced into wearing feminine, tighter, pinker clothes. Levi’s® were the one thing I felt OK with.” – Kris, model/activist/tattoo artist

“When I was young, my mom worked for Levi’s®…she’d come home with 501®s for me…showing me that there’s a story behind these jeans. Besides the quality, there’s a story of community, of our culture, styles and identity.”



501 Original® 150th anniversary

Celebrate a century and a half of Levi’s® first ever blue jeans, in the boutique or from anywhere via WhatsApp.