L'ètape Parma by Tour de France

Live a unique experience between sport, shopping and taste: be part of our team led by Claudio Chiappucci

Here's your chance to meet cycling icons Claudio Chiappucci and Gianni Bugno at an exclusive dinner.

Embrace the season of sports and immerse yourself in the history of cycling whilst in the company of memorable sporting icons.

The dinner will be held at the Fidenza Village Signorvino restaurant on Saturday 27 April from 7.30pm–9 pm.

During the dinner, you'll receive your race kit along with:

-Official Jersey Étape Parma Fidenza Village

-Team race kit (technical vest, bag and water bottle)

-eVIP Pass for an additional 10% off the Village price in participating boutiques.

CLICK HERE to discover the tour details.

Book your experience

-Race package with only dinner (RSVP by 22 April). The experience is only available to Fidenza Village members.