Corporate Responsibility

Value Retail’s business model is built on the proposition that achieving sustainable growth is one of the most important factors in creating value. Since its founding in 1992, this spirit has extended to every strategy, decision, and choice in the investment of resources in the business. Collectively, this has resulted in the creation of a pan-European platform of the most productive retail outlets anywhere. Today, this commitment is being applied to developing systems, processes, and services to link the already innovative approach to the best sustainable practices in the marketplace.


Value Retail recognises the importance of taking a proactive approach to social responsibility and environmental management, endeavouring to be at the forefront of this area of management within the shopping tourism sector.


Value Retail is committed to supporting charities and projects established to help those in need. We work in unison across the Villages to support local, national and international initiatives, which has led to collaborations with organisations such as UNICEF, (RED)™ and Partners In Health.


Value Retail, together with The Bicester Collection Villages, is privileged to promote the work of Partners In Health, whose mission is to do whatever it takes to bring quality medical care to the world’s most vulnerable people in need. Based on solidarity, rather than charity alone, Partners In Health uses all of the means at its disposal – from pressuring drug manufacturers and lobbying policy makers to providing medical care and social services – to deliver universal access to primary health care.


In addition to Value Retail’s company-wide support for charities and projects established to help those in need, each Village is engaged within its community in various initiatives. Such projects include offering mentoring opportunities to the young and raising funds for children’s charities and for the disabled.


Since its founding in 1992, Value Retail has built a highly productive business model based on authenticity, critical thinking and creativity. Today we are applying these values to further our commitment to sustainability for the communities we work in, our partners and the environments.


Value Retail is committed to promoting the efficient use of sustainable materials and energy in the fitting and operation of the Village boutiques.