How to host the ultimate outdoor celebration
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With tablescaping tips from set designer Isabel Garcia, as well as generation-old recipes and masterful outfit ideas, we’ve everything you need to curate an epic gathering.
Set the scene

Ring in a season of revels with a beautifully laid table for your guests to gather and graze. When it comes to dressing yours, “be natural – don’t overload it with lots of things,” says Isabel. Instead, contrasting materials can add texture. “I like to use different wine glasses and then mix with another material like wood for depth.” This doesn’t mean buying all new either; “just mixing a few good things you already have with fresh flowers is enough,” assures Isabel.

Get ready to gather, gorgeously

19,90 €

13,90 €

Villeroy & Boch

Coloured glass 'Boston'

“Glasses are beautiful. I love collecting them,” says Isabel. “I’ve inherited things from my mum and my grandma which I still use on special occasions.” Need some inspiration for your collection? Turn to Villeroy & Boch’s colourful sets – they shine beautifully in the sun and make for a welcome addition to your cupboards.

For your prettiest set-up yet

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Villeroy & Boch

Colourful Spring dinner plate

219 €

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Sambonet cutlery set 24 pcs PVD gold

279 €

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Villeroy & Boch

Artesano Original Eye Catcher Set 4 pcs.

24,90 €

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Villeroy & Boch

Spring Fantasy bowl 17,5cm

You can always buy a new tablecloth to tap into a new trend or colour. But using what you have is the way to be sustainable [when hosting].

Isabel Garcia


89 €

62 €

Motel a Miio

Vase 'nuno L serpentine'

Whether it’s an individual budding stem or a full bouquet, whatever your set-up is calling for, there’s always a perfect vase to be found at Motel a Miio.

Embrace the outdoors

Turn to nature to add a unique burst of colour to your table, with fresh blooms plucked straight from the garden. “I love flowers – I always use them in my sets,” says Isabel. “My favourites are tulips and English roses…they come in such beautiful colours.” Their large buds serve a real statement when dotted in dainty bud vases (we recommend one vase for every two place settings). But if you want something more elaborate, you could always try cascading blooms for a show-stopping centrepiece or guest entrance.

Flower power
Spotted in the boutique

192 €

132 €

Motel a Miio

Areia set 8 pcs.

26 €

18 €

Motel a Miio

Pasta plate rose 'cordoama'

18 €

12 €

Motel a Miio

Glass Alegria

89 €

62 €

Motel a Miio

Sintra bowl

It’s amazing how something natural can create so much colour. For a designer, the beauty of nature is the best thing ever.



Something to start

Welcome your guests with a light and refreshing tipple. “I love an English elderflower drink,” says Isabel. Though you’ll find it readily available to buy, it’s easy to craft at home. “My friend loves to make it. She collects a huge amount of the flower and then puts it in a large glass dispenser” along with a syrup (made from boiling sugar in water with lemon juice) “for a few days to macerate.” Once ready, decant a small amount into a highball glass, along with plenty of ice and something fizzy. Lastly, stir and garnish with a thin curl of cucumber.

Cheers to al fresco season

139 €

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Polo Ralph Lauren

Floral dress

For younger palates, a glass of homemade lemonade will be sure to satisfy. “I like to make mine with peppermint and sugar,” says Isabel. Serve in a colourful plastic jug with lots of ice and sliced lemon. For bonus hosting points, dress your little ones in this pretty, pastel dress from Polo Ralph Lauren Children to match the aesthetic.

Spring-ready styles for little ones

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Polo Ralph Lauren


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Gel-Venture 6 GS

32,95 €

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Pyjama set

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Tommy Hilfiger Kids

Logo hoody

279 €

158,08 €

Le Creuset

Gourmet Pro pot 26 Chiffon pink metallic

For ease, “I like to put everything in the middle of the table” so everyone can help themselves to the food, says Isabel. Perfect for everything from warm salads to cooked meats, this roasting dish from homeware favourite Le Creuset will serve you a lifetime of gatherings.

Simple, soulful plates

Make light work of feeding guests by choosing a handful of simple yet flavourful dishes that can be prepared in advance. Perfect for warmer days, “one of my favourite recipes for a garden party is a Sevillian orange salad,” says Isabel. “It’s a recipe from my grandma. She used to make it in the summertime, and I love it.” Simply toss fresh chillies, olives and onion together with olive oil, vinegar and pepper and top with pieces of dried cod. “It’s super simple. Everybody can do it, and it's delicious.”

Elevate epicurean endeavours
Serveware saviours

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Ballarini cocotte 33cm

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Le Creuset

Pepper mill

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Le Creuset

Corkscrew and capsule cutter gift set

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Le Creuset

Pan 28cm
Celebratory style

Embrace the season of joyful dressing with styles that’ll see you celebrate (and host) with effortless ease. Signal new season delight with luxe satin, feminine frills, itsy-bitsy florals and swirling silhouettes. Men can keep it relaxed with casual tailoring in a tonal palette, or play with joyful, varsity styles for an injection of summer’s must-have shades. Just remember to keep a light layer nearby for when daylight dips into dusk…

Easy glamour

150 €

55 €

Michael Kors

Women's Aubrey cut-out thong sandal

Elevated detailing means a sandal from Michael Kors offers the ideal blend of comfort and style, giving you a look which – from head-to-toe – is both refined and wearable all-day long.

Fresh finds for her

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Wrap dress

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Jappa jacket

Effortless styles for him

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Polo Ralph Lauren


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Performance blazer

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Elasticated chino

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53 €

Ladurée Salon de Thé

Easter Spring Box 18 pcs.

After a special thank you for your host? Show them due appreciation with an extra special trinket. We’re sure this from Ladurée Salon de Thé will work a treat.

Memorable keepsakes

Savour time spent together by gifting a small treat to remember the occasion. Whether it’s a dried bouquet preserved from your garden, or a dainty trinket laid upon a placemat, a thoughtful keepsake is the perfect way to show appreciation to your guests. Where you can, Isabel advises “buying second-hand things, or use what you already have.” Not only will you be doing best for planet, but you’ll also have the opportunity to get creative with your gifting.

Tabletop treats
A treat to cherish

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Fragrance sticks​ M‘Gouna

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Villeroy & Boch

Colourful Spring can

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L'Occitane en Provence

Hand Cream Trio

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Sommelier Set 4 pcs.

The three things for a great party are: good food, good decorations and a good wine. If you have a good wine, the decorations are more or less okay, but have lots of food – then your guests will love you.



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