The best Easter chocolates

Whether for Easter gifting or a mid-shopping treat, we’ve master chocolatiers aplenty at The Bicester Collection. Consider this your must-try checklist, just in time for the most chocolate-filled season of the year.



The master chocolatiers at Leonidas have released a luxurious range of treats for the Easter season – all available in Maasmechelen Village. Mini eggs wrapped in colourful foils work well for Easter egg hunts, while beautifully wrapped chocolate bunnies make a wonderful first prize.



Visit the Neuhaus boutique at Maasmechelen Village for an elegant curation of chocolate boxes, all dressed in the brand’s signature pastel packaging. Be sure to browse the brand’s delicate chocolate boxes which are perfect for sharing and gifting to hosts.

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Easter eggs


Easter eggs


Easter eggs

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A brand new opening at Bicester Village on 11 April brings with it a host of Easter treats from delicately engraved eggs, made to commemorate the brand’s 160th anniversary, to chocolate-flavoured macarons. Don’t miss The Easter Macaron, made using a raw, full-bodied Grand Cru chocolate recipe.


Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse

At Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse, in La Vallée Village, praline-flavoured eggs and bunny-shaped treats take centre stage, all designed in the brand’s signature geometric style.



For more than 140 years, Venchi has been celebrating chocolate in all its forms – from the smoothest gelato to irresistible chocolate truffles. Stop by the Venchi boutique at Fidenza Village to sample the brand’s sumptuous chocolate for yourself – all of which is made using traditional Italian ingredients.



New to London Grade Coffee at Bicester Village is London-based chocolaterie Prestat, with a selection of chocolate eggs available for the Easter season.


Butler's Chocolate Café

Fresh from Dublin city centre, Butler's Chocolate Café at Kildare Village hits the sweet spot for adults and children alike. Chocolate is responsibly sourced through Cocoa Horizons™ to produce the brand’s award-winning hot chocolate and selection of tasty treats.


Cristina Oria

At the Cristina Oria Kiosk in Las Rozas Village, chocolate takes the form of chocolate lollipops, quaint characters and eggs wrapped in brightly coloured foil – ideal for gifting to loved ones – while the restaurant offers plenty of options to dine in on. Choose from a warming hot chocolate with cream, a double-chocolate cake and a gluten-free Toblerone cake.



Whether you’re visiting La Roca Village, near the Catalonian capital, or Ingolstadt Village and Wertheim Village in Germany, be sure pick up a signature gold bunny from the Lindt boutique. Dressed in a golden coat, tied with a red ribbon and finished with a dainty bell, this traditional treat makes a charming gift for all the family. Meanwhile, the velvety Lindor milk chocolate truffles – now available as part of an Easter egg set – are perfect for those with a sweet tooth.

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