Maje | Redefining fashion responsibly

In a world that prioritises eco-conscious fashion choices, Maje boldly steps into the future, reimagining the life cycle of its collections.

Undergoing a sustainable transformation, Maje extends its commitment from the initial design phase and shipping to the boutique, with a mission to significantly reduce its impact across the entire lifecycle of its pieces. This dedication to sustainability isn’t merely an initiative; it's an ongoing journey shared season after season.

The products

Maje is devoted to enhancing its eco-design principles, weaving environmental considerations into every step of its design and development process. With a focus on crafting low-impact pieces, by 2027 our objective is to have 75% of our production meeting 50% of eco-conception for the main fabric.

Think organic, recycled, or upcycled materials, complemented by smart moves to cut downminimise on waste. The introduction of the ‘Fairly Made’ tool introduces adds a touch of transparency for shoppers, with the goal of achievingensuring pi eces are 100% traceabilityle from manufacturing to finishing by 2025. This initiative aims to, provide with even more detailed information for conscious consumers on the way.

The planet

An agent of change, Maje is on a mission to up its green initiatives, focusing on improvements in shipping and the boutique experience. In 2023, the brand collaborated with its partners to enhance their certifications, ensuring that 56% of suppliers were certified or audited against rigorous environment and social criteria. Collaborating with factories that adhere to high social and environmental standards, Maje has bid farewell to single-use plastic (previously used to protect its garb), choosing with the goal of achieving instead to use 100% recycled plastic usage by 2025. And as for those hangers? They're crafted from wood sourced from eco-certified, sustainable forests, reflecting Maje's unwavering dedication to a happier planet.

The people

Every season, Maje showcases its steadfast commitment to societal causes by championing initiatives close to its heart. Programmes like ‘Maje Up Front’ support emerging talent through exclusive partnerships with influential figures in the arts. This goes commitment extends beyond promoting creativity; it involves breaking through traditional boundaries to create a positive impact on society, such as supporting associations that assist women in reintegrating into professional life. In particular, Maje supports causes such as Médecins Sans Frontières, Women for Women International, La Croix Rouge, Amnesty Internationally.